Monday, November 16, 2020

DUDEBEATS - "Gajoob Issue #7 - Sampler #7" (1991)

Yep, the Gajoob train just keeps on rolling, so here's tape seven from issue seven, and it's a good one!
This one was also really tough to just grab one song off of, but this time I decided to go with the reggae-tinged track by Dudebeats!

I've looked high and low on the internet, but I can't find out anything at all about Dudebeats. The review in this issue of Gajoob says Dudebeats was the brainchild of a guy named Jon Braus from New York, and that Michael J. Bowman played drums, and Alec Cumming of Bite The Wax Godhead played bass. I've showcased MJB here more than once, and we played a video by Bite The Wax Godhead on our Offbeat TV show, but I can't find out a damn thing about Jon Braus, in fact in the review they reference a Paul Braus, Jon Braus, and Paul Rose, and I don't know if that's three dudes, or one guy misspelled twice! Either way, it's a good song!

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