Saturday, January 24, 2015

V - SØr, X - "Home Still Home" (1989)

It used to be a blast getting all these tapes from all over the world, and music by real musicians like Jacqueline Hemmings, Morgan Bryan, Alex Newton, and Alastair Boyle collectively known as........
V - SØr, X 
Straight outta late 1980's London, here's  "Home Still Home!"


  1. Wow that that threw me back to late nights in Waterfront Studios, Rotherhithe, London :-)

    Well this is V-Sor,X in 2017 -

    Thanks for remembering us and the fabulous cassette scene of those days, I met some great people through this (Lord Litter, Don Campau, Claus Korn and many more).


    1. Hey Morgan, thanx for stopping by and leaving a comment! It really was a great scene bound together by music, so I'm just doing my best to document what little we had to do with it. I've got lots of great tapes like yours that people need to hear whether they know it or not!! I'll add your YouTube link to the post to make it more accessible!