Wednesday, July 18, 2018

ix - ex - splue - "The 36 Steps To Innocence" (1988)

This 1988 tape by ix-ex-splue titled "The 39 Steps To Innocence" was sent to me by Guido Erfen, my friend who ran S.H.M. Tapes out of Köln, West Germany. West Germany, because this was still before the wall came down! If there are more than 39 steps to this recovery process, I don't think I'm going to make it!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

BOB BUNCE - "Don't Try This At Home" (1992)

Bob Bunce is from Rochester, New York. He's a very versatile and talented musician, so it was hard to just choose one song from this 1992 tape, but I like this one. It's about a dog!
The other musicians included Jonah Washnis - harmonica, Ethan Lyons - saxophone, Ed Anna - saxophone. Everything else on this song is all Bob! ........."We're all stuck here for a while....Let's try to work it out." - Rodney King..

Friday, July 13, 2018

ROLL 'N' PINZ - "Roll 'N' Pinz II" (1988)

Almost exactly 28 years ago I sent one of our tapes to Thingsflux Music in Miramar, Florida, and this tape called Roll 'N' Pinz II was what I got in return. I don't remember much more than that! The liner notes on this tape state "These Roll 'N' Pinz performances were recorded live on a cheap portable cassette recorder later in 1980." With Steve Hoffman - vocals, lyrics, songwriter, Manuel Franco - guitar, songwriter, James Garcia - drums, Ron Linton - sax, trumpet, and Art Ricks - bass. Side 2 was mostly a reconfiguration of the band recorded in 1987 and calling themselves The D.A.'s with Steve Hoffman still up front and Dimthingshine on drums. If I recall right now, I ended up getting three vinyl albums from Dimthingshine too. I'll have to find those too one of these days!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

SPARSE - "Unknown Songs for Unknown Souls" (1995)

For various reasons my posts have been a little sparse of late, so it seems fairly appropriate to start this month off with something from a band called Sparse. I don't have much more than that. I've looked through all my old letters and stuff, and I can't find anything. There's also no information on the tape insert except the date, and credit that the cover was done by the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. It's Munch's version of "The Madonna," which I'm sure they had permission to use. Edvard Munch is also notoriously famous for his painting titled "The Scream."

Saturday, June 30, 2018

JOHN BARTLES - Dr. Demento's Radio Show - "Plastic Town" (1990)

 The other time Dr. Demento played something that had to do with us was on April 1, 1990. It was a song by our pal John Bartles that was off of his "Orange Album" that we got to help out with the instrumentation on a couple of songs! The music for this song was mostly just Gary Wray and a Casio keyboard!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

HERMANOS GONZALES - Dr. Demento's Radio Show - "Beer in My Underwear" (1993)

One of  Hermanos Guzanos' greatest achievements was being on Dr. Demento's Radio Show twice! Neither time was anything we did by ourselves, but something we did with somebody else, all via the good old U.S. mail.

 This time out it was Michael Gonzales of Plastic Eye Miracle fame who wrote all the words and did all the vocalizing, and we supplied the music. It turned out to be an interesting tape together called Hermanos Gonzales - "The Miracle Of The Worms" that was a pretty strange amalgamation, mostly due to Michael's wit and humor, and this song was played on Dr. Demento's show March 21, 1993! Our payment was this xeroxed copy of the playlist!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

ACU-PUNK-TURE - Various Artists (1990)

This 1990 various artists compilation titled "Acu-Punk-Ture"was a Zugang Fanzine production from Richmond, Indiana. Sometimes we got included on punk various artists compilation tapes like these, not because we were punks, but because we were weird. As it turns out, punks were very open minded, and had a sense of humor!

This tape also came with this zine with info on the artists. Our pal John Bartles was also on this release, but other than that the roster of artists sounded like this! Rednecks in Pain, No fraud, DryRot, Political Asylum, Happy Kadaver, Weird Paul, Lie Detectors, Kismet HC, The Nids, Bias Ply, Action Figure, David Reynolds, Human Ashtrays, and the band I'm going to give you a sample of, from Lawrence, Kansas.