Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A FROG CROAKS "GERO! GERO!" - Various Artists Comp (1988)

"A FROG CROAKS "GERO! GERO!" was a 1988 various artists compilation cassette produced by the great Japanese guitarist Toshiyuki Hiraoka (who I can only hope is rich and famous by now!). This super international tape was a thrill to be on because we were one of only four groups from America on it, Stinky Finger, Les Larmes, Wallmen, and Hermanos Guzanos. We had one song on each side of this tape, "Dance Like A Geek," and "Who'd Want To Do It." The other musicians included Angor Wat from Norway, Original Disease from France, Nostalgie Eternelle from (West) Germany, Kina from Italy, Paradox from Israel, Toshiyuki Hiraoka himself, and Tadashi Aioi from Japan! Besides all that, there was also a song by a guy who I am still in contact with today, straight outta (West) Germany (at the time)

"Gero! Gero!" also had two songs on it by an obscure band from England called Chumbawaba! Boy, was I surprised when they had a big hit with "Tubthumping" some nine years later! Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for our chance to be Mega Stars! The irony of it all!
Chumbawaba - "Rich Pop Stars Make Good Socialists"

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

MJB 90 - "Wonderbred World" (1991)

 Michael J. Bowman is a very talented multi-instrumentalist from New York!  On this tape he has just a little help from Alec Cumming and Paul Rose on a couple of cuts, and some help from Evil Jim/Pothead on a song called "Smokedrink" I've got a few tapes from Michael over the years, and I need to dig out some of his flyers or whatever he sent me, but in the meantime, and in between time, here's.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SPENT - Self-Titled (1992)

Spent was a good rockin' three piece band from Jersey City, NJ.
That's about all I got! I don't remember much else!
"recorded 10.04.092 at Snack Time, Hoboken, with Lyle & Fred."

Friday, August 31, 2018

PANDORA's LUNCHBOX - "Moody Yam" (1994)

I was getting pretty distracted by 1994, so I don't remember much about this tape! I can tell you that Pandora's Lunchbox were from Wilmington, NC and that this tape was recorded live to DAT on a cold black night in May '94 and this is a pretty wild song!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

MADE IN U.S.A. VOLUME 1 - "Various Artists" (1994)

I always thought this was an interesting project, a various artists compilation tape from Red Neon Tapes in Belgium featuring only music from the United States. I had a song on this tape that might not have been too bad if it had been mixed decently, but it wasn't! This tape also featured music from some truly amazing talent that included MISS IN DIARY, NOMUZIC, TEEN MILK, SCREAMIN' POPEYES, BLACK LEATHER JESUS, NEXT RADIO, SUM-ER 4, PINEAL VENTANA, BEATBOX "D", CRAWL UNIT, DONALD CAMPAU, SHAKE MECHANICS, NEXT RADIO, and our featured and extremely talented artist with a message that is still pertinent some 30 years later! If life is fair, these guys are rich and famous by now! (This song is genuine social commentary, but unfortunately the language is still not permissible by current FCC regulations which is just fucking stupid!) "Make Music, Not Money!" From San Anselmo, Ca. I'm so fucking proud to present...

Friday, August 24, 2018

RED ASPHALT - "Egg & Anvil" (1993)

I had exchanged a couple of tapes with Scott Davey in the bay area, and I think he sent me this RED ASPHALT tape that says it was recorded in San Anselmo, Ca. 1982 - during the Flood. Scott was playing keyboards, and had some vocals on these early recordings. The other members of RED ASPHALT were Tina James, vocals, Ron Hanik, guitar, Bruno De Martes, bass, and Ted Johnson, percussion, vocals. It's a one-sided tape, but it's "repeated on side 1 for your convenience." People were so much more thoughtful in the 80's! This is a pretty cool tune!