Saturday, January 13, 2018

GLEN ARMSTRONG - "Guess What I Was Wearing On My Head And Win A Prize" (Old Miami Bootleg)

 In the early 90's Glen Armstrong sent me this "Live" tape called "Guess What I was Wearing On My Head And Win A Prize" by Glen Armstrong And The Dirty Clergy. The label says "Old Miami Bootleg," so I'm assuming it was recorded some time in the late 80's.

The last song on this tape is a wild affair called "Helter Skelter / Singapour!" The first part of the song is a cover tune unlike anything you've heard lately combined with something I can only describe as being in the same ballpark as the frantic "Hide 'N Go Seek" by Bunker Hill! This, my friends, is the real deal!
Just on case you don't know, Bunker Hill was a heavyweight boxer and gospel singer turned pop star and the backing band providing the crazed music was none other than Link Wray and The Raymen. (Yet another reason why Link Wray should be in the R&R HOF!) The song "Hide 'N Go Seek" made it into the top 40 in 1962, and so you can compare Bunker and Glen, here's a link to "Hide 'N Go Seek" too!

Friday, January 5, 2018

UXORIA - "Theda Bara In Space" (1990)

To tell you the truth, I couldn't think of a better song to start the year!

I was raised on Spike Jones and Mad magazine! I love music and imagery that makes me laugh, and that's what this song, and this hand-coloured insert do!! Uxoria and/or Steven Boone is the man to blame! I featured another one of Steven's tapes here a couple of years ago called "Dead Relatives" that was really interesting, but this is hard to top! So, let's just get right down to it, and get 2018 in gear with a tune from Steven that flat ass cracks me up, here's:

Saturday, December 30, 2017

BARNZ - "Audlt Puppet Show" (1992)

BARNZ was basically a solo project by musical virtuoso David Barnes from Philadelphia, Pa.
This amazing tape called "Adult Puppet Show" was sent to me by David in 1992. It includes trumpets by Kevin Murphy, but virtually everything else was done by David Barnes, including guitars, vocals, bass guitars, drums, casserole dishes, hubcaps, washing machines, party horns and more! Here's one of my favorite songs from this tape...Make sure and turn it up!!!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 25, 2017

ORIFICE - "A Pretty Nice Guy...A Really Good Liar." (1989)

I got a lot of tapes from guys just wankin' off in their garage, but I also got tapes from a lot of real bands like this! Here's a song from a 1989 tape sent to me from Bryan Willette called 
"A Pretty Nice Guy... A Really Good Liar" by a band he was in called Orifice from Philadelphia, Pa!
Besides Bryan, the members of the band were Grant Acker, Pete Danz, Don Glass, and Frank Phobia! Sure, I could look it up, but I'd rather guess that some of these guys are still making music today!
Merry X-Mas!!

Friday, December 22, 2017

THE NORM - "the norm" (1987)

On the Ernie Noise Enterprises label from Ontario, Canada I now present you with THE NORM, and a cut off their 1987 cassette titled "the norm!" There's a loose insert with song lyrics, but I couldn't find the names of all the band members, and the writing is so small, it gave me a headache just to look at it! Here's a pretty cool and punky tune called:
"Gossip Column!"

Monday, December 11, 2017

SNARL - Various Artists Compilation (Iceland) (1987)

One of my favourite kinds of tape or album has always been the various artists compilation! You're almost guaranteed to get something good, and getting a tape from somewhere like Iceland always made it that much more special, and that's exactly where "SNARL" came from! The bands on this tape were sogblettir, GULT AD INNAN, S.H. DRAUMUR, THE DAISY hILL PUppy fARM, ParrOr, and MUZZOLINI who sounded like The Fugs in 1967!
 Here's MUZZOLINI with....