Friday, July 19, 2019

KEN CLINGER & TOM BURRIS - "The Story Of Chester Bovine" (1989)

"The Story Of Chester Bovine" was an industrious and clever project from the manic minds of Ken Clinger and Tom Burris, a couple of the nicest guys I never met!

"The Story of Chester Bovine" was created in 1989 by Ken and Tom, and was literally a story in words and music that also included this booklet that guarantees delight and confusion!

It's pretty hard to explain, so here's cut number three. See if it makes it any clearer to you!

There are 15 individual tunes, and on all but three, the words are by Ken, and the music is by Tom.
The voices are that of Ken Clinger for the most part.

"The Story Of Chester Bovine" was a mail collaboration no doubt, because Ken Clinger lived in Pittsburgh, Pa, and Tom Burris was from Anderson, In.

If "One Bad Cat" didn't pique your interest, I'm sure this will!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

GODSPUNK VOLUME EIGHTEEN - "Various Artists Compilation CD" - Pumf Records (2018)

 It's time to head on back and see what's happening over at the
pStan Batcow's Godspunk series has been an ongoing run of various artist compilations since 2003, and this is number eighteen out of nineteen! You seriously need to check it out!!

 Volume Eighteen was released in 2018, and has 24 songs on it, and the one thing that you can be guaranteed is that you never know what's going to happen next!

There is something on this CD that will either thrill or annoy every person in the world if they would just only take the time to listen to it!

 One cool group that has three songs on this CD is called UNIT. The members of UNIT include
 Andy Martin: Vocals, Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Casio VL Tone, and Vibraphone. 
Fabian Fritze: Bass Guitars, Guitar, and
Colin Murrell: Drums, Marimba.
It was a difficult choice for me, but then I remembered "Image Is Everything!" 
Let's Go!!
UNIT - "Nina On The Dance Floor"

Thursday, July 4, 2019

LORD LITTER - "In The Afterglow" (1994)

This 1994 cassette release titled "In The Afterglow" by Lord Litter was a bit on the different side for him! It also came in alternative packaging instead of the standard cassette box.

According to his liner notes, Lord Litter called this release an afterglow of the first period of his musical creation, going from the 'Spit It Out" method of creation with his band to solo songs that were more planned out!

Lord Litter doesn't record that much any more these days, instead spending most of his time promoting the music and art of others via his website at 
or any one of his many international radio programs that you can always listen to for free at his site on The Internet Archive.

If you're interested in what real true independent artists are doing today, go and listen to some of his radio shows. You might just be surprised at the quality of music being created today that you're probably not going to read about or hear anywhere in the mainstream, and that's for sure!
We just had an earthquake while I was writing this. Just goes to show you how earthshaking this tape really is!

The song I pulled off of this tape is called "Al's Song," and is described thusly by the good Lord himself..."the original song has a different title. Al Perry sent me a tape with no titles, so I don't know."(But the real story is that this song is called "I Wanna Be A Number One Country Star," and was the first song of this Lord Litter incarnation he ever wrote in 1984. It was originally released on his first tape "Take the Trash.") Good enough, but it still sounds like an Al Perry song to me!
 Since I too am a big Al Perry fan, this had to be the toe-tapper to use here!

Monday, July 1, 2019

LAURELS - "Burn" (1991)

 So this was my basic modus operandi, we had 500 "Worm's Turn" tapes commercially produced, (I've still got about 25 sealed ones if anybody's interested) so I'd read reviews about bands in various publications, and then I'd send them one of our tapes. If I got lucky, they'd send something back, and if I got really lucky, they'd send me something like an actual record. So was the case with the Laurels!

 Basically, that means that anybody you read about here were really nice people, because they all responded to my meager trade requests. I'd say about 15 or 20% of the tapes I sent out, I never heard back a whisper, and that's all right because it made the people like Jeff of the Laurels that much cooler in my world. I also asked the Laurels for any videos they might have had that I could play on our "Offbeat" public access TV show, but they hadn't made any yet!

 I'd say most of the people I communicated with over the years were garage and home tapers like ourselves, but there was a share of them that were actual hard working bands like the Laurels!

 The amazing thing to me was they were using the same means as me to spread the word, by sending music to alternative magazines like Factsheet Five and college radio stations!

 Laurels were from Providence, Rhode Island, and had to be one of the most rockin' bands in the state. The members included John Masterson on the drums, Roger Foley on guitar, and Jeff Toste on bass and vocals!

This was a 4 song 7" EP titled "Burn." Here's the first song from the second side!

Friday, June 28, 2019

PILOT LIGHT - "Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk" (2000)

 By 2000, Guzanos were pretty much toast, but my nephew Bret Mallard who was a drummer since birth, and his buddies Ryan, James, and JP were in a local punk band called Pilot Light! 

 These kids weren't really into the whole networking thing, preferring to go old school playing 'live' gigs wherever they could find them, and spread the word that way!
Unfortunately, the only thing we've ever played together was golf!

This D.I.Y. CD was called "Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk,"and was chock full of music like this!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

STEGOR - "Moon Wheel" (1997)

Straight out of Lakeville, Minnesota, Greg Mathieson is a very talented musician and artist! He was formerly a member of both Bat Lenny and Limpid Green. He created this solo project CD as STEGOR in 1997 called "Moon Wheel," and is responsible for 98.6% of the instrumentation on it!

Greg is also a truly amazing artist and to prove it, here's a sample of some of his artwork, a very cool painting he did of his Father with his Uncles and Grandma!

Friday, June 21, 2019

RBS - "Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed" (1988)

Straight out of South Dakota, RBS was the work of one Russ Stedman!

This tape was titled "Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed" (or "Someday... I'll Be Made Of Rubber. Part II) and was released in 1988.

All the credits for everything go to Russ, except "Hey You" by The Guilloteens and "Four It" by Various Worthless Arena Rock Bands!