Saturday, April 11, 2015


The whole Indie Cassette scene was something that wouldn't have been as pervasive if it wasn't for college radio stations, and independent radio stations like WFMU, and a new wave of Indie publishers willing to brave a new frontier unheard of by the likes of Rolling Stone! These guys were willing to review anything that was sent to them, and so the word was spread throughout the world! Unfortunately, 99.9% of the general public still never knew anything about it!

File 13 is a great example!

 Mike Gunderloy and Factsheet Five were champions of Cassette Culture!

 Some zines were slackers and some came out on a regular basis like GAJOOB!

Sound Choice was indeed just what the title implied!

The Affiliate came out of Canada! They had a big music festival we were invited to play at, but unfortunately we couldn't make it! I'm sure it was a freak fest!


  1. Hello there! Please, it is possible to put here download link of FILE 13 zine? Thanx. Mišo

    1. I would if I had one, but I don't! I'll sell the magazine to you though if you want!