Monday, April 23, 2018

TAPE REBEL 7 - "Weed Music" - Winfried Pickart (1989)

 "Tape Rebel 7" was a compilation tape of various artists on the "Weed Music" label based in Germany, and run by a fine gentleman, and a good friend of mine named Winfried Pickart, who I was saddened to find out just passed away a few years ago. "Tape Rebel 7" was made in 1989, and the art was by a Spanish artiste named Miguel Angel Martin. I did lots of tape trading with musicians in Germany, the music was always good, and the people were having fun. I don't know the truth, but I wouldn't be surprised if this whole cassette scene didn't originate in Germany, because they were seriously into their networking! We were lucky enough to be included on this tape along with Frozen Planets, Ignition, Z.B.Z., Schorsch + Die Honka, Heinz Küppers, PCR, Solanaceae Tau, and Winnie Pickart's own fine band, Rattus Rexx. This whole tape was great, and here's one cool little pop song from it!

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