Friday, July 13, 2018

ROLL 'N' PINZ - "Roll 'N' Pinz II" (1988)

Almost exactly 28 years ago I sent one of our tapes to Thingsflux Music in Miramar, Florida, and this tape called Roll 'N' Pinz II was what I got in return. I don't remember much more than that! The liner notes on this tape state "These Roll 'N' Pinz performances were recorded live on a cheap portable cassette recorder later in 1980." With Steve Hoffman - vocals, lyrics, songwriter, Manuel Franco - guitar, songwriter, James Garcia - drums, Ron Linton - sax, trumpet, and Art Ricks - bass. Side 2 was mostly a reconfiguration of the band recorded in 1987 and calling themselves The D.A.'s with Steve Hoffman still up front and Dimthingshine on drums. If I recall right now, I ended up getting three vinyl albums from Dimthingshine too. I'll have to find those too one of these days!

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