Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A FROG CROAKS "GERO! GERO!" - Various Artists Comp (1988)

"A FROG CROAKS "GERO! GERO!" was a 1988 various artists compilation cassette produced by the great Japanese guitarist Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Lord Litter has informed me that "Toshi is quite involved in soundtrack production for movies these days"). This super international tape was a thrill to be on because we were one of only four groups from America on it, Stinky Finger, Les Larmes, Wallmen, and Hermanos Guzanos. We had one song on each side of this tape, "Dance Like A Geek," and "Who'd Want To Do It." The other musicians included Angor Wat from Norway, Original Disease from France, Nostalgie Eternelle from (West) Germany, Kina from Italy, Paradox from Israel, Toshiyuki Hiraoka himself, and Tadashi Aioi (More Info from Lord Litter: Tadashi is still doing loud noisy underground with a  trio, and he once did a bizarre cover with a female vocal trio of one of my songs") .. from Japan! Besides all that, there was also a song by a guy who I am still in contact with today, straight outta (West) Germany (at the time)

"Gero! Gero!" also had two songs on it by an obscure band from England called Chumbawaba! Boy, was I surprised when they had a big hit with "Tubthumping" some nine years later! Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for our chance to be Mega Stars! The irony of it all!
Chumbawaba - "Rich Pop Stars Make Good Socialists"

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