Thursday, March 7, 2019

THE MAS - "Baby Had An Accident" (1993)

I was going through a bunch of loose stuff I have a couple of weeks ago, and I found a small cache of cassettes without cases and/or labels. Some of it seemed familiar, some not so much after 30 years.
One of those tapes was this split tape of electronic music with The Mas on one side, and Blink Twice on the other.
When I saw it was a GPC Production from Alientown, Pa, I remembered that I got quite a bit of stuff from Alex Kane who produced this tape, including a Sinister Attraction Record, and some videos, but I still couldn't figure out why there was no case.

I started grubbing around on the internet trying to come up with a date for this tape, and I didn't find anything on Tape Mag, but I did find this on Discogs, and then it all came back to me. The original case for this tape is actually the size of a VHS tape, and I'm sure mine is stashed away with some VHS tapes some place. IF I recall correctly, I think it came with a diaper inside!
So here you go!

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