Friday, July 19, 2019

KEN CLINGER & TOM BURRIS - "The Story Of Chester Bovine" (1989)

"The Story Of Chester Bovine" was an industrious and clever project from the manic minds of Ken Clinger and Tom Burris, a couple of the nicest guys I never met!

"The Story of Chester Bovine" was created in 1989 by Ken and Tom, and was literally a story in words and music that also included this booklet that guarantees delight and confusion!

It's pretty hard to explain, so here's cut number three. See if it makes it any clearer to you!

There are 15 individual tunes, and on all but three, the words are by Ken, and the music is by Tom.
The voices are that of Ken Clinger for the most part.

"The Story Of Chester Bovine" was a mail collaboration no doubt, because Ken Clinger lived in Pittsburgh, Pa, and Tom Burris was from Anderson, In.

If "One Bad Cat" didn't pique your interest, I'm sure this will!!

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