Monday, September 16, 2019

OOH OOH Music - "Happy Tape" - Pop-Cult Magazine (1991)

"Pop-Cult" magazine was the brain child of Michael Gonzales of Plastic Eye Miracle fame. In the Spring of 1991, he came out with the first issue, and it was accompanied by this tape.

This is the various artists compilation tape that came with the 'Zine.
I've completely re-written this since I found my copy of the magazine right where I left it some 20+ years ago.

We collaborated with Michael one time on a tape called "The Miracle Of The Worms" by Hermanos Gonzales. We did the music, and Michael did all the vocals. One song off that tape, "Beer In My Underwear" was played on The Dr. Demento radio show!

 This issue contained a cartoon by Brian James Riedel, a letter written by Moe Tucker, an interview with Daniel Clowes and more! Pretty heady stuff!
The tape contained music by the likes of Ray Scott Woolson, Peat Moss, Paul "Fathead Williams, Gregorian George, The Spice, Julia and Superargo, Ray Carmen, Laurence Salvatore, Monica w/Inch Eggs, Stu Zimble, The Evolution Control Comittee, Usward, The Bill Jones Show, and Brozy!
 Here's the 4th song from the 1st side...
PLASTIC EYE MIRACLE - "Happy Black Shoes"

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  1. Doug Wofsey here. Michael Gonzales (now Michael Devine) and I were Plastic Eye Miracle, The Bill Jones Show and a bunch of other things. Pop Cult was supposed to be 7 issues with each theme being one of the 7 dwarves. We only got thru 4 of them (Happy, Dopey, Grumpy and Sleepy). Each tape would have songs that corresponded to that theme. Just spoke with Michael about a half hour ago. I still play music with him as The Hillbilly Varmints and around Halloween as The Rockin' Bones.