Thursday, October 17, 2019

GODSPUNK VOLUME NINETEEN - Various Artists Compilation (2018)

"godspunk volume nineteen"
Now it's up to twenty! pStan Batcow is not going to quit, so you better get used to it already, because this 'godspunk" series is the soundtrack of our future!

Mr. Batcow has a wry sense of humour to say the least, or to say the most, he's Batcow crazy!

 Everything you want to know is in this catalogue, or you can take the easy route and just go to the 

 Last year about this time I was out taking a walk listening to the newest of Lord Litter's radio shows on the Internet Archive. I like to walk three miles, and his shows run the exact amount of time it takes me to walk that distance! It's like perfect!

My health was all out of sorts and I was feeling weird, and then this song came on, and I was like "That's exactly how I feel!" 
Later I wrote Lord Litter and told him, and he wrote pStan, and the next thing you know, I'm in Pumf Heaven, and my health has been better ever since! Here's the song that started it all...Thanx pStan!!
HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "Digital Sickness"

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