Wednesday, November 20, 2019

SLIMZANOS - "Leave Me Alone" (1990)

 Here's some music that has never seen the light of day before, or been heard by anybody except those involved! As Hermanos Guzanos, we'd be playing in my garage and once in a while other people like Slim Dewayne would drop by and join the festivities!
Slim led a rough life of his own choosing, but we always had a lot of fun together!

I found this tape with all my other stuff of a session (If you want to call it that) when Slim, who would later start calling himself Slim The Drifter, showed up and played a few tunes with us. The good songs ended up on two of our tapes "UFO Excecutives," and "Country Fried Worms," but here's a real short thing that we never included on any tape before!
 So while we're on the subject, here's one of the songs Slim sang on our "Country Fried Worms" cassette!


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