Tuesday, March 24, 2020

THE MIRACLE - "Dingsters At The Break Of Dong/Jammus Interuptus" (1991)

 Here's something we could all use right about now, a Miracle!

"Dingsters At The Break Of Dong/Jammus Interuptus" was a 1991 tape released on the "Sound Of Pig Music" label from Al Margolis.

 The Miracle was a jam session put together by Little Fyodor in Boulder, Colorado, and featured the likes of Leo Goya, Jeanne Strzelewicz, Gorge Stone, Joe Ketola, Evan Cantor, Ed Fowler, Lauren Swain, Miles White, John Nichols, Peter Tonks, and Mr. Fyodor himself!

These are some long jams, so here's an excerpt from an excerpt!

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