Tuesday, July 21, 2020

SISTER RAY - "Psycho Sis" (1988)

 I kind of forgot about all the 7" records people also sent me. 
It was always a thrill to get a 45 in the mail. This 45 was by Mark Hanley's band Sister Ray. This release was on red vinyl, and was on the Ajax Records label out of Chicago, Illinois!
The front cover drawing was by Bundy K. Brown
Sister Ray were:
Mark Hanley - guitar
Joe D'Angelo -  bass, vocals
Vince Colucci - drums
Sam D'Angelo - keyboards

Most home tapers were just that, but there were a lot of actual working bands who were trying to promote their bands via the D.I.Y. network, and you were always more likely to get some airplay from a record than you would from a tape.
So straight out of Youngstown, Ohio, here's......

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