Tuesday, December 15, 2020


These are a bunch of random publications I pulled off the shelf, and they run from music review rags like this "Baby Sue Music Review" from 1993 put out by Stephen M. Fievet and Donald W, Seven in Decatur, Georgia, to cassette catalogues and comics.
Our tape collaboration with Michael Gonzales called "Hermanos Gonzales" was called "a fun tape" by Don Seven, and got a full five-baby sue rating.

 "Ear Noises" was a mini music review mag that was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was the Fall '92 issue. The 'letters to the editor' section is hilarious and contains letters from bands that didn't like their shitty reviews.

"Gajoob" magazine #4 from 1989 used these words to describe our music, "bits of political cynicism and world-weariness."

"Honko In Cheap 3-D!!" was an eight page mini-comic by Bob Supina. The 'cheap 3-D' effect was circles drawn that you could cut out and stick your fingers through to simulate legs, or, uh fingers!

"MISC" number 30 was a mini-comic from 1989 put together by Randy Paske and Bob Pfeffer from Minnesota.

This was the "Mystery Hearsay" 1991 catalogue put out by Mike Honeycutt in Memphis, Tn.

This was another tape catalogue from 1991. This one was from Michael Gonzales's "Ooh Ooh Music label in North Canton, Ohio.

"Metro Riquet" number 6 from 1989 was put out by Francoise Duvivier in Paris, France. It contained articles and reviews. Although based in France, it was mostly written in English with an emphasis on reviewing other indie publications!

The "Lil Rhino Gazette" was an industrious project of interviews and a massive amount of reviews of tapes and records etc. The home base was Arlington, Texas, and this 1994 issue was # 24.

"The Monthly Independent Tribune Times Journal Post Gazette New Chronicl Bulletin" was a free 8 page magazine "to which no superlatives apply," in their own words. There's a couple of one page cartoons, and a couple of short articles. This is issue #56 from 1987.

Also out of North Canton, Ohio, this catalogue was Ray Carmen's "Pop! Productions" offering in 1996.

"Teen Punks in HEAT" was a mini-sex mag out of Prospect Hills, Illinois. I don't remember who sent it to me, but it was mostly a project of  Ben Weasel. It contains some sleazy pictures, video reviews, interviews, and comics by Ace Backwards. You had to be 18 to get a copy! The cover illustration was by Paul Russel.

This was issue #14 from the Fall of 1993 of the "Baby Sue Music Review." This one had a Guzanos review written by Don Seven, and I quote, "The songs range from raunchy to rocky to noisy to weird." Too bad we never had a bus for him to ride on!

I'll wrap this up with issue # 6 of "Ear Noises" from 1990. This one had a review of our tape "UFO Executives" in it that claimed our song "Bald Man" was worth the price of admission alone. There are also a number of interviews, including one with our pal John Bartles.

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