Monday, October 18, 2021

FRENCH WEREWOLVES - "The Barfbag Ventriloquist" (2021)

"The Barfbag Ventriloquist" is the latest release by the French Werewolves, and was released in 2021. The band is composed of Sockeye Dave formerly of Stow, Ohio, and now working out of Saginaw, Michigan, and is a dual release on his Wheelchair Of Old Men label, and is also available from Taco Rat Records!
There's also a one page interview that sheds a lot of light on how this band functions.

It might be just one page, but it's got two sides, just because that's the way Dave works!

There are eighteen enchanting cuts on this disc, so it was nearly impossible to choose just one. It was a real tough decision to make between the sentimental "Foul Ball Hits Mother in the Head and Kills Her,"and this other one, but after hours of deliberation I finally decided on the anthemic...

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