Wednesday, February 9, 2022

ROGER & JIM - "So You Say You Lost Your Baby" (2000)

In the year 2000 Rich Horton participated on a Gene Clark tribute album in a long-distance collaboration with his pal, Bill Retoff. They recorded the song "So You Say You Lost Your Baby," which is on one of Gene's solo albums. They called themselves "Roger & Jim" because when The Byrds first appeared, McGuinn was going by his birth name Jim, but later on started going by the name "Roger."
Rich laid down the guitar, drums, and backing vocals in Seattle, and Bill laid down his bass in Illinois with longtime band mate Dan McKenzie singing the lead. It's kind of a Byrdsy thing with a quasi-Buffalo Springfield-type guitar mash-up at the end.


  1. So fab that our cover version of this song is seeing the light of day again after more than 20 years. Thanks, fellas! --Rich Horton (Roger) & Bill Retoff (Jim).

    1. It's pleasure, now if I could just get that song to stop playing in my head. It's pretty catchy!!