Friday, May 20, 2022

IT CAME FROM THE GARAGE II - "Zombie Drums" (1987)

I had a copy of Art Phag's LP that had a poster in it, so one day I decided to try and sell the poster on eBay. Len Puch, the guitar player for Art Phag contacted me, and told me that he'd like to buy the poster, because he didn't have one himself, so I gave him the poster.

When I sent Len the poster, I also sent him a copy of our first tape, "The Worm's Turn," and he sent me this tape that he produced in return. That's how they ended up doing a cover of our song "Mysterical Sights."
This release doesn't even exist on Discogs except in LP format, so I might have one of very few. Many of the bands have Art Phag guys in them! There's a lot of great stuff on here, and something to offend almost anybody! Here's a cool surf instrumental for you straight out of Detroit!

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