Wednesday, May 1, 2024

R.I.P. Jörg Dittmar aka Lord Litter (2024)

It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that my good friend Jörg Dittmar, aka Lord Litter, has passed away from a longstanding bout of COPD. He fought it hard for a long time, but it finally got the best of him.
I've known Lord Litter since 1988, and without him, this blog wouldn't exist.
Over the past 35 years or so, Lord Litter has continuously done more to promote independent music on this planet than anybody else I know of.
He was not only a DJ, but was also a musician and a person who supported peace and freedom for the whole world. He will be sorely missed.
At least his radio shows will be preserved on the Internet Archive forever.
Because of this situation, I doubt I will continue this blog, as Lord Litter was my biggest supporter, and the one who always encouraged me to continue. 
It's a sad day! The world has lost a great man and a truly unique person!


  1. Hello! I got the message send by Lord Jörg's son,too. A very sad news. I met the Lord 1st time in 1990 personally after listening to his Tape-Department show on Radio 100 in West-Berlin for about a year. In about 1992 we played a gig in Berlin-Mitte at the club "Tanzschule Schmitt" which closed very soon after this. I remember I asked him a day before if he would come to see our gig. He said he would like to but haves to rehearse with the then new "Lord Litter Band" for their 1st gig. I answered Lord Jörg to join our gig and appear as a double-feature and so the only musical collab between Jörg and me happened. We stayed in contact until about 1994. Around 10 years later we started to connect again and I saw him perform with "Litter and Leech" and some other of his performances. I asked him via email early this year to meet on a personal basis again and he told me he would like to but still is not too well. We exchanged emails last time on 16th April 2024 when he told me he is again in the hospital (I think at least the 3rd or 4th time in 2024). He is gone too early and the world needs more people like him.
    Frank FraMat Matthias

  2. You should continue with your blog. You are still alive. People will listen & read even if they do not comment. It can demotivate getting no feedback I know.
    Good luck and a lot of motivation from Frank

  3. My musical tribute to Lord Litter

  4. LL Was The Best, Darrell and I will dearly miss him -