Thursday, January 25, 2018

THE ROSEBLOODS - "Dragon in The Field" (1987)

If I recall correctly (something I don't always do any more), what I used to do was look for cassette reviews in music magazines, and when I read about something I liked, I'd either write or most likely just send them one of our tapes with a request for a trade. In March of 1988, I sent one of our tapes to Bloomington, Indiana to a guy in a band called The Rosebloods, and a tape titled "Dragon In The Field Is" what I got in return from their manager!

  The members of The Rosebloods were Steve Cook on Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Brian "Brain" Kearney on Tenor Sax and Backing Vocals, Phil Reavis on Bass Guitar, Nathan Sturm on Drums and Backing Vocals, John Terrill playing Rhythm and Slide Guitar, Voice and Bad Piano. On the pretty dang cool song I have for you here, Bill Schwarz is playing Tamboura! The cover artwork is also by John Terrill! Enjoy!

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