Saturday, March 17, 2018

HERMANOS GUZANOS - 3 Songs That Gary Likes

Besides being St. Patrick's Day, today is also Gary Wray's B-Day! Gary was the guitarist etc. for Hermanos Guzanos, and he thinks you need to hear these songs for some reason! He's also provided some new artwork to go along with each of them! 

First up is......"Mysterical Sights." This is a song from our first tape called "The Worm's Turn!" At one point in time I thought the guys who did the best golf song in the world, ART PHAG, were going to do a cover of this song, but I guess it never happened, because I never heard any more about it!
(Correction: 27 years and one month later, and I just found out that indeed ART PHAG did do a cover of "Mysterical Sights." Somebody put the whole album up on YouTube, so I snagged this cut. Now I need to buy the record, but it looks like the only ones available are in places like Norway!)  So here you go, at least they gave us credit for writing, here's the "Gods of Grunge" -
ART PHAG - "Mysterical Sights"

 "Passion In Their Punches" is another song off that first tape! We used to watch a lot of boxing on TV. I always thought, and still do, that boxing was the most difficult way to try and make a living! That's what this song is all about!

From our tape "Back In The Alley," we have...."Plutos On UFOs."
 I think the name speaks for itself!
"Get us the Hell on out of here!"

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