Saturday, June 23, 2018

HOW ANDY SPENT A WEEK ONE NIGHT IN BAKERSFIELD - Various Artists (Late 80's or Early 90's)

I've always liked various artists LPs and compilation tapes, and "How Andy Spent A Week One Night In Bakersfield!" is a cool example of what was going on musically in the fine community of Bakersfield, California in the late 80's and early 90's. This cassette was put together by the owner of the local used record store called Andy Noise. The owner's name was Paul, and being an avid collector, I frequented the place a lot. We've never been known as the most social guys in the world, but I gave Paul a copy of our first tape, so he included our song called "Return Of The Blade" on this tape of local artists. Paul's Dad took the cover photo of downtown Bakersfield. I don't think I ever met or even heard any of these bands play, although I do think one of them was playing at this party we stumbled into one night. The other groups featured on this tape were Premonition, Nyet! Censorship, Freeze Dried Death, Miss Alans, Cradle Of Thorns (who ended up recording for KORN's label Elementree Records), Fatal Vision, Sonic Brain Jam, Cal. All Stars, Fantasy, Chaotic Evil, Light Boy, and last but not least, The Examples!
THE EXAMPLES - "The New One" 
Here's also some rare footage I found on YouTube of The Examples playing their first gig at Mike McClain's house around 1985 (This just might have been the party we went to), and a very cool song called 
"Charles Engalls!"


  1. Hello! Great post...I was in Freeze Dried Death in high school. We were very excited to get a song on this compilation since we had almost no equipment and were just learning to play. Very nice of Paul to have included us! I also remember a really positive review of the cassette in a short lived local free paper called "The Pearly Stone," December of 1989. Is there any way to get a copy/download of this tape? Thanks and take care!