Friday, June 8, 2018

LET US OUT - "Let Us Out" (1991)

 After a couple of years of sending tapes to musicians, magazines, and radio stations, it finally got to a point where people actually started sending unsolicited tapes to me, and I thought that was very cool! This 1991 tape by Colorado's "Let Us Out" is a fine example!

Here's the letter I got from Terry that explains the type of theatre they perform. "Let Us Out" was Terry Gould - writer, engineer, producer! Everything else including vocals, sound effects, and keyboard was done by Sue Niedringhaus, Joe Schultz, Susan Gibson, and Howard Thompson. Howard also did the cover art, and is the narrator on this piece, and Sue was the director. There was also dramatic assistance from Cliff Whitehouse, and engineering assistance from Steve Clayton and Max Hernandez! Grab yourself some chips because you're going to need them to go along with this fishy story!!

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