Wednesday, February 13, 2019

FROM THE EERIE SHORE - Various Artists Compilation CD (1987)

 From some bit of information I got from Lord Litter, I'm not quite sure what, I learned about a talented band called Sosumi out of Cleveland, Ohio! Well, since everybody knows that "Cleveland Rocks" I decided to send them a copy of "The Worm's Turn."
What I got back was a tape from Malcolm Ryder of his band Sosumi on one side, and The Easter Monkeys on the other side!

Not long after that I got this pretty snazzy various artists compilation CD from Malcolm that he had put together. I still have the letter, so I'm going to tell you exactly what he wrote because it cracks me up, and really gives a little bit of a historical perspective to what was happening at the time.
"Here is a copy of the CD comp. I put together. I hope you know someone who has a CD player. Only about 30% of the people in the music scene do, oh well. Hope you like it."
 And I Did!

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