Sunday, February 10, 2019

HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "Going Down The Cat & Trifle" (1987)

 This is the first of many PUMF Records releases I plan on showcasing here since pStan Batcow has so generously donated to the cause, so let's just start at the beginning!
This CD is # PUMF 98, and is a re-release of a cassette made in 1987 by Howl In The Typewriter titled "Going Down The Cat And Trifle" that was pStan's first batch of studio recordings!

 pStan sends out this CD as a kit so if a person wants a legitimate cassette release, you can put it all together yourself!

 Pretty freakin' nifty, he even includes the tape labels!

 So here you go, for your listening pleasure, a pretty cool riff indeed!

Here's everything else you need to know!
Pumf Records

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