Monday, August 12, 2019

MARK HANLEY - "Yellow" (1984)

 I'm not really too sure how many tapes I got from Mark Hanley over the years, but it was a lot, and they were always good!
This particular tape was called "Yellow" and it came out in 1984.

I can't give you a track off of this tape, because it decided to just stop working one day, but it still needed to be included here!


  1. Stumbled across your blog searching this cassette release. My tape also stopped working. I removed the tape/wheels from the original case & put them in a TDK case. I was able to transfer some songs to my PC using an ION Tape Express cassette player. However, some tracks still would not play well...I even tried on my home stereo tape luck.'s a partial copy of the tape for you & your readers in MP3 format:

    Mark Hanley Yellow #5 partial:

  2. please include it !!! :) am really curious

  3. Ahh.. to finally get to share here!'s the link to the partial rip mentioned in my earlier comment. I was from Y-town so Sister Ray/Hanley is quite familiar to me. Have all the Sister Ray singles & some of Mark's work.

    Oddly, when I got your explanation of the comment publishing error.. I saw the Rev. Tom Frost was another one who'e comment
    wasn't published. He was the inspiration for me to start blogging about 20yrs ago. Small world!

    Great site you got here.

    MARK HANLEY YELLOW #5 (partial)

  4. What a mess!! Thanks too much for checking back again, and are you kidding? I've written it more than once. You do know that Tom Frost was the reason I started blogging also? Otherwise that's even more ironic! Thanks again!!

  5. hello is it possible to have this somewhere up again please ?

  6. I see both links are now dead. Unfortunately, it is what it is. I still don't have the tracks myself.

  7. Got notification on this thread/comments.

    Here's a new link for (partial*) Yellow #5 :

    * read the reason above!

    Mark Hanley Yellow # 5 (partial):



  8. Thank you MH77............I'm sure it will be appreciated!

  9. Hello MH77,
    Really curious about this one, and couldn't find a place to listen to it except in here but the previous link seeams down again...maybe sometimes you'll find the time :) I would really aprecciate. I discovered him on "I spy my little eye" comp and the piece is great

  10. Here ya go (again!). This link should be active until I decide to delete it:

    Mark Hanley Yellow No. 5 (partial) re-up #2:



    1. You're the man MH77, I'm sure you'll make a couple of people very happy! Thanx!