Monday, August 5, 2019

SILVER ANGEL VS. THE DEATH ZOMBIES - "A Movie Trailer For Your Ears" (2004)

In 2004 Gary and I decided to try and make a second movie. After a lot of turmoil, we finally agreed on the title "Silver Angel Vs. The Death Zombies." I could, and should write a book about making this movie, before I forget any more of the details, because it was totally gonzo film making shot on the streets, and in the alleys of Bakersfield.

Since the star of our movie was a Mexican wrestler called Silver Angel, we were so lucky to be able to have a premiere in a place that at the time was called "The Dome." 
"The Dome" was a geodesic building constructed back in the day specifically to host wrasslin' matches, and was called "Strelich Stadium" at one time, and then it was renamed "Strongbow Stadium" after the legendary Native American wrestler Chief Jay Strongbow. Over the years it had become the home to not only wrasslin' events, but also boxing matches and punk rock concerts!
Last year the city with total disregard to history, demolished the building for some real important reason. It remains a vacant lot to this day

We both constructed a lot of different music for the soundtrack using Acid Music, and here's a couple of things I did that didn't get used!

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