Thursday, December 5, 2019

CALIFORNIA'S GOT IT #2 - The Tomboys (1988)

We were lucky enough to participate on a number of various artist's compilations from around the world, including this "California's Got It" series which, if I remember correctly was put together by a guy on the east coast! Very Basic and Very Good!
This was mostly a punk music tape, but our old guy music was just grungy enough that the punks would find a place to wedge us in somewhere!
There were some good bands on here including Labeled Victims, Nuisance, Point Of Conception, Horace Deloris, All Systems Gone, Mis Led, Vomit Launch, Acid Bath, S D T, and Inner Strength, but my fave here was a smokin' hot band from Van Nuys, California, and here they are..
THE TOMBOYS - "I Want To Go To Heaven 'Fore I Die"

 After spending a couple of hours trying to find more info on The Tomboys, I finally found this on Discogs. The members were Debbie Liekkio on Drums, Karen Sleyton on keyboards, Sally Horton Vocals and Bass, and Stephanie Leevan doing vocals and playing guitar!
The Tomboys put out this 45 in 1984 called "Say You Need Me," and the flipside was called "Persistance."

This five song tape called "Sand Monsters" was released in 1986!

 In 1988, The Tomboys came out with this 4 song cassette called "Raggedy an' Ready," from which the song "I Want To Go To Heaven 'Fore I Die" came from!

For the life of me, I can't figure out why these gals never made it big!
If anybody has either of these tapes or this 45 they want to give away, please feel free to contact me!
July 25th, 2022 update! I just found this cool little mini-flyer that I forgot I had.

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