Tuesday, December 31, 2019

NEW HIPPIES VOL.1 - " Various Artists" (1991)

 "New Hippies" Vol. 1 came out in 1991. It was a Red Neon Tapes release from Belgium, # R N 7.
My pal Gary Wray did the freakin' awesome cover art, and was the contact on this tape, so I don't have a lot of exterior information. What I do know, I had to find on Discogs myself.

 Here's your year end super extra bonus, an original pencil drawing by Gary Wray in a letter he wrote me! Nobody has ever seen it, and he probably doesn't even remember it!

Gary also did the artwork for "New Hippies Vol. 2"

Hermanos Guzanos had two songs on this tape, and we weren't even close to being the weirdest ones, no matter how hard we tried!

The most interesting song from this tape is by a German group called L'Edarps A Moth. I believe that some day, this is going to be a big hit as long as nobody translates the title or lyrics!
L'EDARPS A MOTH - "Ich Onaniere Täglich"

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