Saturday, June 27, 2020

RAY REAGAN AND THE RAYGUNS - "Salt And Pepper" (2010)

 I got a nice care package from pStan Batcow over at Pumf Records the other day, and one of the CD's he sent was this one by Ray Reagan and the Rayguns, that according to the liner notes was recorded around 1983, forgotten about, and stored in an attic for decades!

 This is a pretty good CD, and the music runs the gamut from Surf to Ska to Punk, and even some Country music, and it's truly uncanny how much Ray Reagan's vocals sound like pStan Batcow.

Ray Reagan and the Rayguns is Pumf #651 and was released in 2010, and after you decide you want your own copy, you can head on over to The Pumf Site to get one, and while you're there, be sure to check out the rest of the massive Pumf Catalogue.

Times are hard everywhere right now, but good times can still be had for a small price if you play your cards right, and here's a great song that sounds like it might have been recorded in the back room of some Redneck bar in Bakersfield to prove it!

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