Saturday, June 6, 2020

VIKTIMIZED KARCASS - "Strolling Down The Middle Patrolling" (1991) (2020)

 Chris Phinney has been real busy lately digitizing the whole Harsh Reality catalogue of stuff that was only available on cassette before! This tape called "Living Hard Young & Getting Old" was originally released in 1991 on Lord Litter's cassette label "Out Of The Blue" but is no longer available!

 You can just listen, or buy the downloadable CD for a buck at this Harsh Reality Bandcamp page!

Who'da ever thunk a group called Viktimized Karcass would make a song about golf? It just shows to go you that you should never stereotype anybody or anything until you know the truth!
And not just a song about golf, a song about golf with a shredding guitar! 
Now that's a rarity!
All tracks recorded live Feb.15th, 1991 at Harsh Reality Music.
  Roger Moneymaker - guitars, fx, Robert Hinson - bass, fx, vocal end track #5,
Richard Martin - synths, fx, vox track #2, Tracks #4, #5, #6,
Chris Phinney - synths, fx, drum programs,Vox track #3, #4, mix, engineering, mastering &cover photo.
(c) 1991 A Harsh Reality Music release.

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