Wednesday, October 7, 2020

EC Split 6 by Mental Anguish and Vasectomy Party (2020)

Mental Anguish — Desire, Tethered, Strapped recorded sometime in the dog days of August.
Gear: Surge & Lokomotive vst analog synths controlled by M-Audio Oxygen 8 & MicroBrute analog synthesizer, Behringer mixer, using Behringer controller, heavily effected with delay, reverb, & compressor.
Inspired by way too many old artists from all over the world back in the day & my EC comrades in arms, also my grandbaby Little Man - Cameron Fleetwood McNamee
Thanks to Hal McGee, Hal Harmon, Jerry Kranitz, Carl (Cuz) Howard, Doug Walker, Jeff Central & all the members of Electronic Cottage.
Vasectomy Party — Models of Misdirection I, II, and III
Inspired by time spent recently in the Smoky Mountains. Environmental decay and detritus channeled through sound. Meditation through drone, loops, and glitch. 
Recorded in the waning days of August 2020. 
Gear used (as much as I can...)  
Escaped September 1, 2020

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