Thursday, October 29, 2020

JOHN BARTLES - "A Cat Of More Than 9 Tails" (2016)

"A Cat Of More Than 9 Tails" is a CD wth a theme, nine tales bout the cats!

There are songs on here with great titles like "When You're A Cat," and "Tell Me What's Wrong With Cats," but for me, the real standout is "The Human Scratchin Post." John is in fine style, and the bass just kicks cat butt! 
This is one of the few of John's CD's that doesn't have any credits on it, and John has worked with so many incredible musicians, I'd hate to guess which one it is. I've got a bonus for you on this one, before we get down to the cat chow, check out this fifteen second piece titled
AND Get Ready...........Here's

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