Friday, March 26, 2021


The cassette scene of the 80's was much more than just that. Besides the home produced tapes, and the D.I.Y. magazines, there were art projects, mail projects, and things like the "Amazing Thrift" compilation series put together by the Mad Genius Michael Gonzales, and his OOH OOH Music label in North Canton, Ohio.
 This series of tapes were compilations put together by people Michael knew or corresponded with that included cuts found on records found in thrift stores, hence the title, and some of the songs are even more than amazing when you've got guys like Joe Newman of The Rudy Schwartz Project picking them out!
 The songs chosen by Joe for this tape include a cover of "Up, Up And Away" by Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny, a handful of commercials, an outlandish cover of "Something" by Sonny And Cher, and more, but my favorite among the bunch has got to be this wondrous ode to herbicides!!


  1. This tape truly does look amazing. I've played most of those tunes on "Radio Thrift Shop".

  2. Nice to see that somebody's got good taste in music!!