Friday, September 24, 2021

JOHN EBERLY - "To The Absent Other" (1989)

John Eberly is from Wichita, Kansas, and "To The Absent Other" was a solo tape that he put out in 1989, when he wasn't busy with his other projects like The Mumbles, and The Eberly Brothers.
John, of course also did the cover art.

This is stripped down bare bones just John singing and playing guitar. All the songs were written by John, and it was recorded 'live' to a two-track Crown CX822

John Eberly is the only guy I know to put out a one page magazine. The name of it was "The Dialogues."

John's a thinker, and "The Dialogues" is a good example of why I say that! John's also a very talented songwriter and singer, and I think this song with convince you to agree!!

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  1. What a great song! And, actually, back in the early '80s when I was still living in Wichita, KS, and playing in a band that was on the road a lot, I ran into John Eberly a few times when our bands ran into each other. Even after I moved to Seattle in the mid-'80s, he & my brother became quite good friends and were always on each other's radar. So fab to run across this song again after so many years.