Monday, September 6, 2021

PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY - "Independent Art By Musicians" (1987 - 1999)

Music and Art go hand and hand like two lovers walking in the park, and most creative people can't stay focused on just one thing, so here's some of the artwork I've received over the years for various reasons, most just as extensions of tape trading. 
This first piece is by my good buddy and comic artiste extraordinaire and fellow Guzano, Brian J. Riedel done in 1987 for an underground comic that was supposed to be illustrations to go along with song lyrics. I think they put the kibosh on the whole project because they didn't quite have permissions!

Here's an original drawing from 1988 of a couple of numb-skull-balls sent to me by another artistic Guzano genius, my best pal Gary Wray!

Here's a really funny 1990 illustration from John Eberly of the incredible band The Mumbles!

Here's some more cool original art on the back of an envelope from my friend Dimitar in Bulgaria.

On a more serious note, here are some photos of some very gorgeous and large paintings by my good friend Guido Erfren in Germany. This one was titled "The Way To Succeed " and was done in 1987-89.

This one was titled "Triptych No. 1" and was done in 1990. Guido is also a musician and ran the SHM label, but unfortunately I have lost track of him.

This last piece by Guido was titled "Triptych No. 2" and was also from 1990.

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