Thursday, January 23, 2020

EIN HERZ IN NOT "Der 3. IRRE-Sampler" (1983)

 I'm almost absolutely sure this was the first tape I got from Mathias Lang in Germany. This is probably one of the oldest tapes I own, having been released in 1983.
"Ein Herz in Not" is an international various artists compilation cassette put out by Mathias on his IRRE label. Looks like I got lucky number 243!

The roster on this tape included Part Form, Attrition Day, Poison Dwarfs, Dino Martini, B.G.S., Atlantikschwimmer, Nero's tanzende Elektropäpste, Reinheit des Herzens, Dreidimensional, Flux, Frauen van Avignon, Kannibalen und Missionare, Demian, Ich, and two more bands, Leidende Angestellte, and Parts Unknown. It's the last two bands I'm going to give you a taste of!

 I did some rooting around, got lucky, and found this tape by the German band Leidende Angestellte on Discogs. It came out in 1983 and was titled "Reife Leistung."It  has this cut on it, and must have been the tape submitted to Mathias.

I also found this tape on Discogs called "Dreamflesh" by the band called Parts Unknown from Australia. It has the cut they contributed on it, and was released in 1982.

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