Friday, February 19, 2021

ANDREWS/LIGON - "Special Compilation Tape" (Early 90's)

This was a "Special Compilation" tape put together by Duke Andrews and Jacky Ligon from High Point, North Carolina. If I counted right, there are 32 songs on this tape! When I decided to do a compilation tape of some of my favorite artists that I had traded tapes with called "Refried Dreams," Duke was one of the people I asked to submit something, and he sent me this tape.

Along with the tape, Duke also sent me copies of some of his artwork!

I looked around as much as I could, but the only semi-current info about Duke Andrews or Jacky Ligon I could find was this Bandcamp page where they had contributed to a compilation tape put out by Eric Hausman six years ago called "Repercussion."

All I can say is that Duke Andrews and Jacky Ligon were having fun and had quite a sense of humor as evidenced by these drawings and by the following song.....

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