Thursday, February 4, 2021

JOHN SANDERS - "People's Park" (1996)

 John Sanders has had a long and storied musical career, and it all started in 1977, in Commerce, Texas with a band named Ebofyte.
 John Says "Ebofyte was actually named Eboflyte, someone messed up the poster but I thought Ebofyte made us sound more radical."
Besides John, some of the other folks in this photo are Lewyllen Blackburn, Drummer Nate Williams, sax player Kelvin, and guitar player Nate.
In the mid to late 80's John played guitar and keyboards, and sang, in the punk/funk Crash N Burn, in the San Francisco Bay area!
"The CnB poster was the work of guitar player Ray Houghton. Its a drawing of the Club Foote where we put on a lot of shows, love the typical 80s forlorn punk girl sitting in the doorway."

John was a very busy guy when he lived in Northern California, and from 1988 to 1990, he was playing keyboards in the dynamic soul group New Power Soul.
On into the 90's, he was in a jazz band called Memphis Mystics.
Then came the very cool band Stepping Razor up into the 2000's.
Since the early 2000's John has lived in Memphis, and spends most of his time playing in the fantastic jazz trio called Zazerac!
I've got music from most all those eras to share with you, but for now, let's get this party started with a very cool solo tune from about 1996, with John responsible for both the keyboards and the drum loops!


  1. wow, this track is so cool. there's just a very special something about it. if you can please publish more. thx!

    1. Thanks! John has given me permission to share as much of his music as I want, so look for more from him here soon.