Sunday, February 28, 2021

OFFBEAT - "A Public Access TV Show" (1991-1992)

It's been 30 years since we made our public access TV show called "OFFBEAT," and that's how long it's taken to finally get it out to a larger audience! We did a total of ten episodes of "OFFBEAT" in 1991 and 1992.

 It was a thirty minute show about four nuclear knuckleheads called The Offbeatniks, flying around in their espresso fired spaceship watching music videos for entertainment!
Each episode was filled with new adventures.
The Offbeatniks were Wes Hanson, Brian J. Riedel, Gary Wray and myself.

In the sixth episode, we had a serious upgrade, and were joined by Galaxy, The Offbeat Girl, who was played by Christy Michelle who went on to have a great career as a model, actress, and producer as Christy Taylor. After four shows, her manager wisely told her to ditch us.
Other regulars were Tom Ferranti and Andrew Rey.
In fact, it was Tom, aka Rev. Spike Beasley, who got us started, since he already had his own show known as "Achoo."
We didn't have much money, and even less sense, but we did have some fun, and now you can see for yourself what it was like. The quality of the videos is horrible, because these were VHS copies of copies, but it really doesn't matter much. I could list all the talent involved but just go see for yourself

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