Wednesday, July 21, 2021

CRASH-N-BURN - "Snake Eyes" (1987)

John Sanders has given me access to the whole Crash-N-Burn catalogue to share with you guys, so why wouldn't I do that? There ain't no reason, so here's yet another fantastic song the band recorded in 1987!
John Sanders - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Amy Sanders - Bass, Vocals
Parry Wolfe - Drums
Dean Menta - Guitar 
(For all you musicologists, the last few years, Dean Menta has been playing with the band Sparks)


  1. Hi I'm curious If anyone knows anything about a former drummer of crash and burn I believe his name was Jeff gerald

  2. Hi, I was in the band with Jeff. He was our original drummer. He was murdered by the notorious mass murderers Charles Ng and Leonard Lake. Jeff was a great guy, very funny and always easy to work with. Learning of his fate was very upsetting to everyone who knew him. - John Sanders