Tuesday, June 22, 2021

DAVE SCHALL - "Tough Skin" (1993)

Back in 1993, Dave Schall of Sockeye had the starring role in a short film called "TOUGH SKIN" made by a friend of his named Matt Bartel, who was writer/director/producer of the project. Part was  recorded at the Cleveland St.Patrick's Day parade on a bitterly cold day. The rest was filmed on various warm spring days in Kent, Ohio.
Being a filmmaker myself, I thought they did a Helluva good job. The length is just right at nine minutes and fifty-seven seconds, and it has a great look to it.
Dave has an especially cool perennial sneer, and the way he's walking around reminds of the goons of Goonland, and the instrumental original at the beginning is very cool!

"An angry young skin-head is forced to choose from his bullying ways to that of a normal lifestyle when his path is crossed. Not by a group of hippies...but by a woman!"

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