Sunday, June 6, 2021

FRENCH WEREWOLVES - "Brush Your Teeth, and Do Your Damn Chores"

Through the sheer power of the internet, and total faith in mankind, after 30+ years, I am once again in contact with my old pal Dave Schall of "Sockeye" fame and fortune, and he sent he a shitload of stuff from the various projects I've missed over the years, and I'm going to start it all off with this incredible CD that I'm sure is from some year, but maybe not, by a band called "French Werewolves."

All I gotta say is "Woof Woof! cause there's no way to explain this shit!
"French Werewolves" is a CD every person in the world should own, just so when some really drunk, and/or obnoxious friend or relative comes over to your house and stays too long, and you can't find your free jazz albums, you can play this CD knowing they will exit soon, either physically ill or psychologically damaged, and you shan't be bothered again! Bravo French Werewolves!
Time to take off the kid gloves and get back to reality!

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