Sunday, September 20, 2015

HYSTERIA WARD - "From Breakfast To Madness" (Late 1980's)

I don't think I actually got this tape from Hysteria Ward, I think it was sent to me by Claus Korn because they were an artist on his "Individual Pop" cassette label, and he wanted me to hear how good they were!
Hailing out of London, members included Louise, Bogdan, m.w. smith, Phillip Staines, Darren, Mark Clifford, Squid, and Dave Harper!
Here's a cut from their "Breakfast To Madness" tape called "As Was!"

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Edgar Schwartz was the 1990's Indie cassette version of Steely Dan!  Thoughtful, well written, and just a groove to listen to! If you doubt me, here's a couple of songs to prove my point! Constructed and performed by James Nicholson and Dennis Steinseifer!  This is some mighty fine music for free! You're welcome!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


From a 1988 split tape by Kronstadt from Berlin and Toshiyuki Hiraoka from Japan that was released by Matthias Lang on his IRRE-Tapes label, here's the whole of side 01 featuring the funky guitar madness of Toshiyuki Hiraoka! There are actually 15 short songs, but they all run together very nicely as one piece! You're welcome! Enjoy!