Monday, October 31, 2022

NO PIGEONHOLES #138 "Kevyn Dymond Station I.D." (1988)

Don Campau is not the kind of guy to waste time or money, so when he sent a tape, he made sure and filled it up, so this is the flip side of his daughter Nicole's tape which was very short, so he fleshed it out with this Dec18, 1988 radio show where he played our song "Little Red Chicken."

Since it was still not against the law to have fun in 1988, Don had his buddy Kevyn Dymond do a station I.D. in his own unique style. So here you go..............

Thursday, October 27, 2022


I used to get a wide assortment of stuff sent to me, and a lot of it was Indie Zines like this debut issue of the "Bouncing Beaver Log."

"Brat" was small zine that was mostly poetry, or at least this issue number six was.

"Brave New Words" was only a four pager about other publications!

"Scatter Balance" was truly unique in format and substance.

"Scatter Balance" had their own rating system, and if you got a five sausage review, you were on the way to the big time.

 "Shock Therapy" was another fantastic project from the outrageous mind of Joe E. Sheets.
Now I think it's time to go through the old box of correspondence again and see what else I can come up with. I know I've still got more of Joe E.'s artwork, and it's all good!.

Monday, October 24, 2022

NICOLE CAMPAU - "The Old Guard" (1987)

Not only is Don Campau a krazy good musician, he is also a good Father and got his daughter Nicole involved in making music with him. "The Old Guard is a solo tape by Nicole Campau released when she was eleven years old in 1987.

As you can see, Nicole is responsible for everything, except some keyboards and percussion supplied by Don, who also helped with the production. If listening to this one song catches your fancy, you can listen or download the whole thing digitally at Nicole's Bandcamp page!

Saturday, October 15, 2022

LAWRENCE SALVATORE - "The Hallucinogenic Disintegration Of Psychedelic Pop Orchestras" (1988)

If you never had the honor of getting a Lawrence Salvatore tape in the mail, then you've really missed out because his tapes were always a trip, as the artwork and title on this one will attest to!
The artwork was done by Edison Girard, and this font he created for Lawrence's name is one of the most interesting ones I've ever seen, but it is difficult to read.

Besides the artwork, everything else was done by Lawrence himself!

The title of this tape is "The Hallucinogenic Disintegration Of Psychedelic Pop Orchestras," and you can judge that for yourself when you listen to this!

Monday, October 10, 2022

HOWS BAYOU - "New Melody Stomp" (1987)

So, I've been looking for a good reason to re-visit this cassette by Hows Bayou from 1987........

........and the other day I found all these flyers I had, and realized the good reason had come!

Of all the tapes I received back in the day, this one by Hows Bayou was one of the most unique!

This tape is nothing but fun from start to finish, and it's impossible to stay still when you're listening to it, so without any further delay, here's...............

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

RATTUS REXX - "Hysterics" (1989)

All the tapes I ever got from Winfried Pickart and his band Rattus Rexx were good, and this one titled "Hysterics" is no exception. Joined as always by his long time mate Gaby Tiger, this is just one solid tape!
"Hysterics" features Winnie on All Instruments and Vocals, and Gaby added her vocals on about half the songs. Joining the two of them was Gunter Gouder on Bass on a couple of songs. Winnie wrote all the music and lyrics, Gaby added lyrics on three songs, and Gunter added lyrics on two songs.
This is a nice example of how it all worked out!!