Monday, November 29, 2021

WESTERN MEDICINE - "Just A Spoonful" (2016)

Western Medicine is a young band from Bakersfield, California, fronted by my good friend Emile Antonell.

This CD called "Just A Spoonful" was independently released in 2016 when the band only had three members, with Emile on Guitar and Vocals, K. Scott Bjork on Bass, and Grant Burich on Drums.

The band evolved into a four piece unit when Emile met the love of his life, Rebecca Spickler, who now plays keys, and sings backup vocals.

These photos were taken earlier in the year when they performed a live steaming concert from The Fox Theater to an empty house because of Covid.

To access their full catalogue, go check out their Bandcamp page. But in the meantime, here's the first cut off of this CD!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

WEED SAMPLER 3 - "A Winfried Pickart Various Artists Compilation" (1988)

"Weed Sampler 3" was another various artists compilation put out in 1988 by my friend Winfried Pickart from Germany. I traded tapes with a lot of people, but most of it was just sending tapes back and forth, but some people like Winnie, I considered to be a friend, and wrote a lot more than others.

Winnie really believed in what he was doing, and it's a shame he is no longer with us!

I always felt lucky to be one of the only American bands on one of these various artists comps, along with such cool Euro bands and people like Local Scandal, No Authorized, Maffick, Klimperei, Deleted, Adrian Cox, Les Larmes, Andy Xport, Driven to Distraction, and Pol Silentblock, and that was only on Side One.

Side 2 delivered even more with Die Manner, Elephant Bangs Train, J.P. Espil and Totentanz, Meadow Meal, Cryptic Flowers, Gerfried Feistritzer, Die Rache, Areknuteknyerne, ZBZ, Gypsy, and Winnie's own band Rattus Rexx assisted by another very good friend, Lord Litter.
Here's a pretty cool representation of what you could expect to hear on a tape like this, from Side One....

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

JOE SHMOE - "Songs For All Occasions" (2014)

 Any holiday is a good time to go back to the CD by Joe Shmoe called "Songs For All Occasions." 
There is something on this disc to offend anybody and everybody for each and every holiday you can imagine.
"Never Before Collected Together On One Recording."
"Impress Your Family and Friends This Holiday Season,"
There is some vulgar language, so be forewarned, even Joe says... ADULTS ONLY!! 

Friday, November 19, 2021

BOB BUNCE - "Fondely - Maid Sounds" (1992)

"Fondely - Maid Sounds From Beyond Riddum Labs - '92" was a tape by Bob Bunce from Rochester, New York, but it was also kind of a compilation tape with some songs being other projects Bob was working on featuring other people. Officer Gordo is on here, along with Joe Schmo & The Shmuks, and The Mysterious Finks. I don't remember this tape at all, but on about half the songs, the basic tracks were by Hermanos Guzanos, such is the case with this one, and Bob singing and playing guitar on top of it!

Monday, November 8, 2021

ED DRURY - "The Next Time" (2021)

Ed Drury's latest is called "The Next Time" and it's just as good as The Last Time.

Ed's music is very soothing, which is really refreshing in these times of harshness and hatred, and there's much to enjoy here.
This song called  "Puzzles and Pens" is a classic example of a style of moody and introspective instrumentals that bring early Fleetwood Mac and Peter Green to mind.

Thursday, November 4, 2021


"Psychedelic Soap Opera" is one of the many CD's John Bartles has released over the years of songs from some of his other multitude of tapes and CDs.
Don't exactly know the year, but this is a fine assortment of John's work!

This CD has got some great stuff on it, and I'm going to play for you a side of John you might not have ever heard before. John is a real storyteller, can spin quite a tale, and with the backing of such superlative musicians as there are on this song, well, you just need to hear it to believe or understand!
 You're welcome!