Thursday, August 6, 2020


 "Godspunk Volume Twenty" was released in 2019 on Pumf Records!

"The whole Godspunk series of compilation albums by various artists has been going on since 2003!

 This CD features a multitude of talent and 23 tracks by the likes of artists like Dr. Awkward, Blue Eyes Of The Broken Gonk, Infected Youth, Howl In The Typewriter, Mutant Beatniks, UNIT, The Large Veiny Members, and Nil by Nose!

 "This album is gratefully dedicated to thr Policeman, the Fireman, the Blacksmith, the Doctor, the Teacher, the Court Jester & the Butcher - long may they continue doing the things they do."

Here's just a taste for you, Cut number 20.......
There are a lot of hungry freaks out there, and out of all the krazy shit in the world,the mail is still safe as far as I know! At least go to the Pumf website and check out the samples, it's free so you got nuthin' to lose, except maybe your mind and your dignity!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

THE PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE - Prague, Czechoslovakia (1968 - 2020)

The Plastic People of the Universe is a band from Prague, Czechoslovakia.The band was created in 1968 or 69, and still performs today in one form or another.
Their music was considered to be subversive, so they were not popular with the government and were continually harassed and hassled.
If you think the government of the U.S. is oppressive today, then try wrapping your brain around the fact that the Nazi party abolished jazz upon its occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1938.
In 1964, the music of The Beatles was introduced to the whole world, and after that their was no turning back.
Besides The Beatles, The Plastic People Of The Universe were influenced by bands like The Velvet Underground, The Fugs, The Doors, Captain Beefheart, and The Mothers Of Invention, from who they drew their name.
The Plastic People Of The Universe and their tale has been well documented, so if you want to know the whole story, here are a couple of great links!

In 1968, The Plastic People released an LP called "Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club banned."

This song titled "Magické Noci" was from that album and will give you a good idea of how their music sounded!

This "Live" tape was released in 1992.

This record called "Leading Horses" came out in 1983, and there were many more that you can check out right HERE!

These days we live in troubled times, and I don't know of a better example of perseverance in the face of adversity than The Plastic People Of The Universe!! 
 Despite all the pain and sorrow they have had to endure just trying to have fun and be creative, The Plastic People Of The Universe have come a long way!

Thanx to Chris Phinney of Harsh Reality Music for the suggestion!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

RAY CARMEN - "Accidentally On Purpose" (1995)

 "Accidentally On Purpose" was a four song EP put out by Ray Carmen in 1995.
Ray was, and still is a very prolific singer/songwriter.

 Isn't it about time that the world got serious ......

 .....About Ray Carmen?
Well, here's the place to make that happen!!

This cassette is so cool, I actually have two copies with different layouts!
Here's a song that shows a different side of Ray's talents, but it doesn't matter which side, because they're all good!
All the instruments were played by Ray, except this song on which Blind Waldo is playing the fiddle. Blind Waldo was Ray's friend friend Roy Combs who passed away several years ago. 
The songs were also all written by Ray, except this one, which is Author Unknown!

Monday, July 27, 2020

HUMIDIFIER - "Louder Than Yr. Mom" (1990)

 Here's another great 5 song 7" EP I got from John King!
The band was called Humidifier, and this record titled "Louder Than Yr. Mom" was released in 1990!

 Humidifier was a trio from Uniondale, New York, and the members were John King on Guitar and Vocals, Denis Saulnier playing the Drums, and Jim Wilbur on Bass and Vocals!

 This insert included the lyrics to the songs.

 The other side showed information about the band's other releases!

Here's something a little different, an explosive high-charged instrumental called...

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

SISTER RAY - "Psycho Sis" (1988)

 I kind of forgot about all the 7" records people also sent me. 
It was always a thrill to get a 45 in the mail. This 45 was by Mark Hanley's band Sister Ray. This release was on red vinyl, and was on the Ajax Records label out of Chicago, Illinois!
The front cover drawing was by Bundy K. Brown
Sister Ray were:
Mark Hanley - guitar
Joe D'Angelo -  bass, vocals
Vince Colucci - drums
Sam D'Angelo - keyboards

Most home tapers were just that, but there were a lot of actual working bands who were trying to promote their bands via the D.I.Y. network, and you were always more likely to get some airplay from a record than you would from a tape.
So straight out of Youngstown, Ohio, here's......

Sunday, July 19, 2020


Cassette Culture: Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet Age by Jerry Kranitz (320 pg book + 2-CD compilation)
The book takes a social history/analytical approach to the growth of the global cassette culture/homemade music network that sprouted and flourished from the post-punk era through the early 1990s. The author explores how the participants communicated, traded, collaborated, and set up cottage industry labels to distribute their work. A long overdue study of this pivotal yet less than comprehensively documented chapter in the post-punk and 20th century independent arts movement stories.
While the book's focus is on how the network and it's participants functioned, it concludes with a 4-part 'Reviews' appendix. The author selected three cassette labels based in different countries whose roster of artists was international in scope:
* Alain Neffe and Insane Music
* Matthias Lang and IRRE Tapes
* Al Margolis and Sound of Pig
The fourth section features a small number of ‘song’ oriented hometapers. In some cases, these artists were known for both songs and more experimental forms of music, making them of particular significance to the cassette culture story.
The book also includes a 2-CD, 46-track compilation
01 10-Speed Guillotine 'Temper Tango‘ 1990 (4:24)
02 Aconite 'the truth about Cable TV‘ 1982 (3:05)
03 Another Headache 'Cacophony Continues‘ 1992 (5:31)
04 Autopsia 'Lebensherrgabe‘ 1983 (4:59)
05 Beequeen 'EE EA‘ 1988 (2:18)
06 Big City Orchestra 'Karawane‘ 1987 (3:44)
07 Bret Hart 'Partytime‘ 1985 (3:02)
08 Brume 'An Amphibian‘ 1988 (6:18)
09 Cacophony 33 'Frank‘ 1986 (1:37)
10 Charles Rice Goff III 'Big Surprise' 1990 (4:11)
11 Dog As Master 'Black Body' (Excerpt) 1985 (4:36)
12 Don Campau 'I am Not Satisfied' 1983 (3:02)
13 E Coli 'Lag Phase' 'Djihad‘ 1981 (1:19)
14 E G Oblique Graph 'Fall into Glass' 1982 (2:21)
15 F-i 'Zombie’ 1984 (4:50)
16 Gen Ken Montgomery 'It happened to You' 1983 (3:09)
17 Girls on Fire 'In My Blood' 1985 (1:29)
18 If,Bwana 'Beauty and the Beast’ 1986 (3:28)
19 ITN / Mental Anguish 'Force of Waves' (Edit) 1988 (2:24)
20 Jeff Central 'Tragick' 1988 (4:26)
21 Joseph K Noyce 'The Beat' 1988 (2:37)
22 Kapotte Muziek 'Audio Plagio 2‘ 1988 (3:58)
23 Ken Moore 'Soft Pretense‘ 1986 (2:33)
VOD158.CD2: Artists L-Z (Total Duration 78:56)
01 Larynx 'Graett' 1981 (3:00)
02 Lord Litter 'St James Infirmary' 1990 (3:32)
03 Markus Schwill 'The Advantage Of Tape-Music' 1991 (2:29)
04 Minoy 'Eskalith' 1987 (5:16)
05 Monochrome Bleu 'Imagination' 1986 (2:26)
06 Muslimgauze ‚Cyst' 1983 (4:20)
07 Mystery Hearsay 'Painted‘ 1986 (2:03)
08 Non Toxique Lost 'Statements‘ 1982 (4:18)
09 PBK 'Untitled 04‘ 1990 (4:48)
10 Philip Johnson 'Two Tracks Unused At The Time‘ 1979 (3:07)
11 Psi Nukli Trip Sequence II’ 1988 (5:22)
12  R Stevie Moore 'Puttin' Up The Groceries' 1978 (2:59)
13 Ri Gillham 'Soundtracks for imaginary films‘ 1980 (2:03)
14  Rimbaud Brothers 'Deceit' 1984 (3:41)
15  Rod Summers 'Sad News' 1984 (3:29)
16  Sheer Zed 'Take a Walk Down the Street' (3:26)
17  Storm Bugs 'Hodge' 1978 (4:54)
18 Taste of Stool 'Squeeze Bees’ 1989 (1:01)
19  Viktimized Karcass '3.32 AM Rain‘ 1985 (5:24)
20  Vittore Baroni 'Living with Prosthesis‘ 1985 (2:06)
21  Walls of Genius 'Sunday, Monday Or Always!‘ 1983 (2:42)
22 Wolfgang Wiggers 'l'll Cry Tomorrow‘ 1983 (3:12)
23 Years on Earth 'Opposition‘ 1982 (2:46)

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

MEMORIES OF A HARSH FUTURE - "A Tribute To The Harsh Reality Music Label" (2020)

Hal McGhee and Chris Phinney are good buddies, and I should know, because I've written them both off and on now for 40 years.
Chris is in the process of getting over some major surgery, so the timing is right for this tribute to his label Harsh Reality to come out. Over the years Chris has released I think over 400 projects of his own and other people, and this is a compilation of just some of it!
Hal has gathered up 34 tracks by a wide array or artists, and the last one is.....
Visit the Harsh Reality Music historical archive site

 This release came out on July, 10, 2020. and was curated and produced by Chris Phinney and Hal McGee!
Visit the Harsh Reality Music label at Bandcamp