Saturday, November 16, 2019

LAWRENCE SALVATORE - "I Love You (Say It With Bricks)" (1985)

 Lawrence Salvatore was from Joliet, Illinois. He was a pioneer in home taping!
I told the story of how we met before in these pages, because one of his other tapes titled "My Leg In Love With Your Leg" was one of the first ones I featured on this blog back in 2013.

I tried to find some current information on him, but came up with zilch.

Lawrence is a unique and fascinating musician!

As you can see, Lawrence did everything himself!
 He sang on many of his songs, but here's a quite fine instrumental featuring his keyboard skills!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


You never knew what might show up in your mailbox back in the 90's. This is a CD that my pal Dimitar in Varna, Bulgaria sent me in 1992!

There's no date or other information that's in English, except for a few of the song titles!

The music on this CD is all very much Blues oriented, but at first I thought it was a Various Artists compilation, and then it started sounding the same for a couple of songs, so either way, it's all raw blues, and there are quite a few different arrangements and people doing the lead vocals.

So I didn't think anybody would care if I shared some of it with you, so here you go, a track featuring a guy on trombone, and a growler on vocals who kind of sounds like a Bulgarian John Bartles!
 I did a google translate into English on this title and it came out like this...
so there you go!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

LORD LITTER - "On The Other Hand" (1990)

This tape was from Lord Litter's "Forbidden Planet" period!
 It's nothing like most of his rock-oriented releases, but instead he wants you to "Listen pretty quiet but with the bass turned up on your hi-fi gotta subconsciously feel's not meant to listen might find some 20 minutes that will catch your attention but all in all it's ongoing and it's meant to be that way..."
It goes on for 90 minutes, but I'm going to give you a three minute and thirteen second except from the very beginning so you can get the feel!

Monday, November 4, 2019

RENDEZVOUS DEBRIS - "Uncle Dad" (1991)

I don't have much here. This tape doesn't have any contact or date information on it.
The group was called Rendezvous Debris, and this tape was titled "Uncle Dad," and I've got #18 of 200 numbered tapes, and that's about all I can tell you! 

If I run across any letters or other information, I'll update it later, for now, all I know was that otro Guzano Gary Wray was on an Electronic Cottage compilation tape in 1991 that also had a cut by Rendezvous Debris on it, so I'm guessing that's probably about the same year as this release.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

JOHN BARTLES - "It's That Halloween Pumpkin Pie Special"

I'm pretty sure John Bartles has released a CD for every holiday occasion! This one is called 
"It's That Halloween Pumpkin Pie Special!" (Is Nothing Scared!)
And since it's that time of the year, here's

Sunday, October 27, 2019

INCITE! Indie Magazine (1980's)

 I've said it before, the whole 80's cassette trip wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if it wasn't for all the supporting Indie magazines that dedicated fans, writers, and musicians put out! Without the editors of all these zines, the database of who and where you could trade tapes with would have been left up to all the Indie, public, and college radio stations, and communications with other musicians would have been much more difficult!

 INCITE! was a super cool little zine published by Tim Alborn in Belmont, Massachusetts and was "published in his spare time!"

 INCITE! was always free, and could range anywhere from five to twenty-four pages, and basically came out quarterly with the change of seasons!

 Mostly music related, each issue of INCITE! usually included music reviews, interviews, Tim's always interesting ramblings, and contact informations.

Issue #7 of INCITE! contained what I think was the most unusual review we ever got! Tim made this Record Review Map replete with territories with names like "Land Of Interesting Guitars But Not Much Else," and "Land Of Grunge And Decay," that contained smaller principalities like "Aimless," "Good At All Speeds," an "Stupid Lyrics," and he would place the records in areas all over the map. 

In a completely separate map was the "Cassette Kingdom" that had a fault line running right down through the middle of it that contained 'Genius' on one side, and 'Bullshit' on the other. 
Somehow we ended up on the 'Genius' side, but we were kind of close to the edge!

Friday, October 25, 2019

REV. TOM FROST - "The Lame Shall Enter First" (2015)

 Today is the birthday of the high priest of modern day musical horror, 
the Right Reverend Thomas Frost, so to celebrate the occasion, let us rejoice in some music by the man himself!

 "The Lame Shall Enter First" was a self-produced CD by Tom in 2015!
In two words, it rocks!
 On most of the songs, Tom not only sings, but plays all the instruments himself.
He is the epitome of modern day D.I.Y. Music!

This is the face of the man who made me start writing blogs on movies and music some twelve years ago!
Believe it or not, on top of everything else, he is an amazing family man!