Friday, September 30, 2022


Well, I've kind of been slacking off this month, so to make up for it, here's a special tape I've been hanging on to by Mississippi punky band," Bonnington Truce, titled 

For being "Mississippi's first and best "punk" band, it's pretty difficult to find out much information on these guys, but I do know the members were Patrick Wallace on Vocals & Guitar, Earl Lundy on Vocals & Keyboards, Ben Young on Vocals & Guitar, Jeff Bridges on Bass, and Hugh O'Neill on Drums. I have no idea who is playing sax on this cut. This tape was "Recorded live in Hattiesburg at dingy clubs." You can read about one of their other releases right HERE!
In the meantime, check out this cool tune!

Friday, September 23, 2022

LETTUCE VULTURES - "Hey Assholes!" (2021)

I lost track of Dave Schall of Sockeye for years, but when we finally got back in touch, he sent me all kinds of stuff including this cassette tape he released in 2021 as the Lettuce Vultures.

The reason that I found out Dave was still active was because one of his songs was on pStan Batcow's "Godspunk" CD #20.
Dave always had plenty of attitude, and a lot of sarcastic humor to back it up, and that continues in his projects some 30 years later! I think you'll agree after listening to this!

Can't get enough?
Here's where you can find it all!!

Monday, September 12, 2022

NO PIGEONHOLES #108 - "YU" (1988)

Don Campau is an amazing guy, and if he played your music on his radio show called "No Pigeonholes" on radio station KKUP in Cupertino, Calif, he would then turn around and make a copy of the show and mail it to you! To this day, I still find it amazing.
These days Don has shows on KOWS in Occidental, California, and I'm imagining that with the internet, he no longer has to a need do that, because you can download all his shows for free!

I was listening to this show from 1988 the other day, and one song really stood out to me, and Don announced that it was a band from Texas called YU, and a tape named "Family." So, with the help of Discogs, I was able to find the artwork for the tape that this song came from. The band members were named Bentley Shaft. C.U. Squirm, and Rod Miles.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

HOUR OF SLACK #253 (1988)

We might not have ever made any money, but at least we got played on some very cool radio stations, and radio programs like the "Hour Of Slack" operated by the right honorable Reverend Ivan Stang.

You just can't go wrong being on the right side of Bob! That's what I always say!
You might think that in these days of un-certainess that Bob has turned his back on us, but I'm here to tell you that it just ain't true!

Life will always bring us more questions than it will provide us with answers!
 Get over it!
Here's a short edited sound clip from the "Hour Of Slack" #253 where Reverend Stang introduces our band!

Monday, September 5, 2022

POETRY DEVILS - "Want To Understand Light And Darkness?" (1989)

 I was just thinking how I'm going to run out of tapes one of these days, but until that time, here's another great tape I got from the Poetry Devils back in 1989.

The Poetry Devils were Robert Winson, Miriam Sagan, and Brian S. Curley, and they hailed from New Mexico, and their blend of poetry and rock and roll was phenomenal. It was pretty exciting to get something like this in the mail back in the day!
Back in the 70's at Sonoma State, I had a Saturday Radio show, and one night I hosted an hour of poetry. One guy brought a fifth of Jack Daniels with him. I wish I still had THAT recording!

This tune has Miriam Sagan reciting the poetry, with the very talented Brian S. Curley playing the Bass, and the Guitars, the Percussion, and the Rhythm Machine.
It's my pleasure to present.......

Sunday, August 28, 2022

BRAILLE SATELLITE FESTIVAL - "Part Two" ( July 28-31, 2022)

Matas Labašauskas sent me some video footage from the Braille Satellite Festival 2022 in Lithuania, and it is my honor to share some of it with you. 
This footage was shot by his friend Kamkorder, so thanks to them both!

Matas sent me hours of footage and so I just grabbed some random photos starting with this shot of Monty Oxymoron, who is still a member of the Damned. He was invited to perform because he started in the cassette scene. When contacted he said he was up for coming to play electric piano and yamaha keyboard, his own compositions and improvised music, as well some minimal psychedelics.

Is it a UFO? No, it's a Frisbee. This is a place to have fun!!

There's magic in the air!

Everybody seems to be digging what they are hearing including this friend of Matas named Jose.

This is Harmony Molina playing with his band. He was born in Chile and is now based in Berlin. 
Oscar added  that "Harmony Molina is probably one of the most authentic "bedroom-rock stars" we had from last decade. He started making music at the age of 14 and ever since then he never stopped his obsession for success, fame and glory. Unfortunately, his career always fluctuated between semi-obscurity and bits of attention by a small cult following, which hasn't stopped him from still making music these days."

There was lots of food and drink to enjoy! 
I can't tell you how much this reminds me of Sonoma County circa 1977, and that's not a bad thing!

Next is Tape DJ-Ebu, playing cassettes from his collection. His scene name, or performing artist name is Herr Ebu. Ebu has run his classic cassette label called Ebu's music for over 40 years. He also makes radio shows, and is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
I exchanged tapes with Ebu back in the 90's.

I looked it up! There are no krokodilas in Lithuania!

Classic rock pose. 
This is another friend of Matas and Oscar named Mario, sitting in with The Harmony Molina Band.

Comic-strip artist and weirdo musician Zad Kokar lives in Strasbourg, France. Since 2015, he has developed (either solo or with Les Combi Beyaz) a cathartic mix of no-wave dissonances, Devo-esque minimalism, early hip-hop beats, and Residentesque strangness. His live shows are loud, defined by high energy, and vibes that make you want to dance!
He was playing on the Musikii stage at the festival. (The festival had 3 stages: Braille Satellite main stage, Musikii stage and DJ stage) .. Musikii is a stage dedicated to solo projects, homemade musicians, curiosities, freshness, and singular projects. There's always surprises every year!

I love this shot!
This is a local band from Vilnius called Ambulance of Fire.

Ambulance on Fire are a duo comprised of Jūra Elena Šedytė and Mėta Gabrielė Pelegrimaitė.They play alternative electro acoustic music Both professionally trained musicians, participants of many ensembles and projects and long-time friends, they created Ambulance of Fire to play a kind of sound that is based on their most secret and strange musical inspirations. It is a sound of dance rhythms, layered textures, lyric melodies and spontaneous improvisations. The duo experiments with extended techniques of voice, flute and bass, and spice everything with a pinch of minimalistic poetry.

I'll leave you with this awesome shot of Ambulance Of Fire!
Thanks again Matas and Oscar, you guys rock!

Friday, August 26, 2022


Hermanos Guzanos was never really a performing band, although we did do one gig or two, but it was a real drag that we missed this opportunity to play live in the early 1990's at this festival in Ontario, Canada. It was going to be a week long festival, and the producer  had already inked us in to be the closers on the Monday night show. Unfortunately, with a family to feed, and not a lot of money, we had to decline, but I've always regretted it! Another opportunity like this never came along.

In "The Show Must Go On" department, Matas Labašauskas in Lithuania, and his partner in Germany Oscar Olias Castellanos are the guys who produced our first and only record last year on their Bigbandalone record label, and they somehow managed to put on their Braille Satellite Festival last month despite all the negatives there are in that part of the world these days. Lots and lots of indie music that even included The Plastic People of the Universe in the original lineup. (Matas told me they were not able to make it because 2-3 days before the festival, the doctor did not allow Jiri Kabes - the band leader to fly, because of some health issues.)
Maybe we'll get invited to play there next year! I think we'd fit right in!
On the festival website you can find links to all the bands if you want to know more about an indie music scene that is still alive and kickin' today!