Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Well, pStan Batcow and his Pumf Records label are celebrating a couple of anniversaries with a new double CD release in the "Godspunk" compilation series.

This is "Godspunk Volume 25" and it commemorates 20 years of outrageous releases.
Here's just one tasty morsel out of 42 you can get by going to the 
 if you don't care about owning the CD's then you can get the whole 147 minute digital download from the Pumf Records Bandcamp page! 
Have Fun! That's what it's all about!

25 releases in 20 years, and what's more amazing is you can still get all of them from the Bandcamp page starting with Volume One from 2003!
Here are 16 of the other covers.
I hope you like clowns!!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Loud And Obstreperous" (2023)

Once again it's time for even more shameless self-promotion. This new album out on Bandcamp as of yesterday is a collection of what we consider probably our most approachable music.
The title is "Loud And Obstreperous" which describes exactly who we were and what we were doing. 
Undignified, unmanageable, and out of control, that's obstreperous, and that was

The artwork created for most of the songs by Gary Wray is worth the price of admission alone, like this cool piece for the tune, 

Friday, September 15, 2023


 Lord Litter has spent a good part of his life dedicated to promoting independent music, and he's done it without any help from the mainstream, but now, he's able to do both without compromise. He continues his independent radio show supporting artists from the present and the past, but now there's one difference. 

That difference is that now you can access his outside the box radio shows from the inside, on streaming platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and more.

Basically, he's using the system but still staying outside of it! 

It's really quite genius!

Here's a candid photo of the good Lord, and fellow indie recording artist Mitch Rushton from the late 80's or early 90's.

All I can say is that if you want to hear new and old music of all varieties from all over the world, that nobody else has the the balls to play, then do yourself a favor and check out some of Lord Litter's shows. I know you'll be satisfied, and that's 100% guaranteed, or I'll give you your money back, and you can't beat a deal like that!


Friday, September 8, 2023


 Here's some more of the stuff I used to get in the mail almost every day back in the 80's and 90's.
A lot of it is just weird like this "Art Dump" flyer.

Thirty-one years ago, and Lord Litter was so dedicated to broadcasting independent music, he had to do it via shortwave radio, something that a lot of you probably don't even know what it is!
Unless you were doing this, you have no idea how much work it was. 

These literally were bits and pieces, or snippets and bits of paper sometimes only a couple of inches in size.
It was literally impossible to organize 100's of independent artists, but that didn't stop some people like Guido Erfen from trying.
Writers, artists, and musicians were all searching for an outlet for their talents.
Without commercial backing, 99% of these enterprises were destined to fail. Toshiyuki Hiraoka was one of the few who went on to commercial success scoring films, but you have still probably never heard of him.
There have been many bands named Gypsy over the years, so I don't know if this one got anywhere or not.

Man, they were seeking the "garbled drone of a drunken poet," I should have applied for the job!!

There's all kinds of ways to try and get people's attention and sell things!
Sockeye never died............they just got older like the rest of us!
A lot of this music was vegan, but if there was any meat to it, it was usually boneless!
And Yes, somebody did send this to me in the mail.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

APHIDS & WHITE FLY - "Yanked From The Garbage Disposal" (2023)

I've really been slacking off on this blog lately, but I haven't been exactly stagnant. I did manage to put together a couple of things from, as Andy Partridge would say. "The Lure Of Salvage."
So first there's "Rocket Attack" to start off with. It was just a guitar track laid down by Gary Wray that I embellished as best I could!
And second is a little ditty called "Honk," again with a basic guitar track by Gary from ten years or so ago. The artwork is also all done by Gary with help from his pal, AI Carbon.
Never before heard by human ears, here's...


Monday, August 21, 2023

JOE MENICHETTI - "Good News For Modern Mannequins" (1986)

 I never traded tapes with Joe Menichetti back in the 80's but only became aware of him through Don Campau's radio show "No Pigeonholes." This show aired on January 24, 1988. 
100's of these shows can be found on The Internet Archive today!
These days Don Campau hosts a new version of his show, and it is now called "No Pigeonholes EXP" and airs on KOWS radio.

As you can see from this liner note, Joe Menichetti did everything, and when I looked on Discogs, I was surprised to see that it looks like he never recorded anything else, which is kind of mind blowing considering how good this song is.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

APHIDS & WHITE FLY - "Two Tune EP" (2023)

 It only took about thirty years to bring this concept to fruition. Okay, so we're a little slow, I admit it, but I think it's worth it.
There's only two songs here, and one has been presented before under the guise of Dos Bozos, but the other one has never been available anywhere. I just wish Gary and I had been able to work in this mode a little bit more, but it just never worked out, and that's just the way it is.