Saturday, November 26, 2022

NO PIGEONHOLES #140 - "Cleaners From Venus" (1989)

This "No Pigeonholes" radio show on radio station KKUP by Don Campau was broadcast on January 8, 1989. We were on this show with a hoard of talented people! Just to show you how much fun we had back then, here's a cool station ID that was made by Lord Litter in Germany!

From the bottom of the bots to the top of the pops, here's Martin Newell, Martin Chapman, Mick Brannan, Kate Cooper, and Paul Ridley Thomas with some music guaranteed to get you dancing!
I did some looking around, and it looks like this song came off of this 1983 cassette by the Cleaners From Venus titled "In The Golden Autumn."
 Just kind of shows you how far the U.S. was behind, when this song only got played on an underground radio station here six years after it was created!  
If you'd like to know a whole lot more about The Cleaners From Venus, here's a link to their bandcamp page, that contains literally tons and tons of music!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

ALLIGATOR - "Downwind From The Outhouse" 7" EP (1990)

This 7" E.P. was sent to me by John King of Humidifier fame and fortune.

John King isn't in this band, but they are friends of his, and he helped produce this record.
The members of Alligator were John McMahon - Voice and Words, Annie Hayden - Guitar and Voice, Joe Weston - Bass and Backup Voice, and James Wilbur - Drums and Backup Voice.
The front cover artwork was done by Annie Hayden, and the back cover artwork was done by Joe Weston.
Well, they were right about "There may be no tomorrow," so if you're thinking about ordering something, it might very well be a good luck situation, but in the meantime you can enjoy this!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

LITTLE FYODOR - "Beneath The Uber-Putz" (1988)

 In 1988 Little Fyodor released this phenomenal release called "Beneath The Uber-Putz." As I was looking around I found out that he also released this on vinyl, which would be pretty cool to own!

Just in case you somehow don't know who Little Fyodor is, I'll just say that if you could imagine what the illegitimate love child of Jerry Lewis, Tiny Tim and Einstein would be like, then you might get some kind of idea!
This tape is incredible, and if you just take a gander at these song titles, you'll see why!

Besides being incredibly funny, Little Fyodor is also very intelligent and friendly, and I have no idea why he has never risen to the top. He's probably just too nice!

Here's a shot of Fyodor and his long running band mate Babushka who plays keyboards some of the time.
I got this picture off of Little Fyodor's website which I encourage you to visit as soon as possible if you want to bring a little light into your life!
Man, it was difficult to choose only one song off of this tape, but I've always believed this tune really takes it to another level!

Saturday, November 12, 2022

USA GOES POP - "Various Artists" (1989)

"USA Goes Pop" was a compilation tape of various artists that was put together by Don Campau in 1989, and it's a dandy!

18 underground songs, are you kidding me? You have no idea what it took to put together a project like this in the 80's.
No computers, and no internet, it was an entirely manual process!

The tune I've chosen off this tape is by somebody that I never had any contact with myself, and I'll tell you there's a lot of great music on this tape, so it was a tough choice. Straight out of Cleveland, here's Dennis Carleton -"The Other Way Around"
For More information on Denny Carleton and what he's up these days, 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

DAS FREIE ORCHESTER - "Aerosol" (2022)

It was in 1989 that I first heard of DFO. The Berlin Wall had just come down, and before you knew it, Lord Litter was jamming with the guys from the other side. The rest is history! 
DFO and Lord Litter took a break from 1992 to 2019 - those were the years of The Lord Litter Band and Freicore, Didier Leboz's band and many more activities. 
 The current line up of the band is: Didier Leboz (guitars and producing, mixing, Gui Gust (drums), Carsten Spindler (bass, masophon) and Jürgen König, who was the original Soundman of DFO, which was very important for the sound of the early years, and he now plays Keyboards. They now have a new release, and Lord Litter is back playing with them again supplying words and voices. Here's a very cool single from their new full release titled  
"Debuet und Abschied."
Just sit back and unwind with

Saturday, November 5, 2022

SCREAMIN POPEYES PRESENT - "Curioddity" (1989)

I traded quite a few tapes with the Screamin Popeyes over the years, and they were always up to something interesting, This tape called "Curioddity" a was collaboration between the Popeyes and four other artists that included Arttek, Eric Hausmann, Busyditch, and Mike Hovancsek.
The cover art was done by Craig Strong!

I'm guessing on the date since there's none on the tape, but I'm pretty sure 1989 is pretty close!

There's no real information on who is doing what, and as far as I can tell, side one is called "The Mr,. Beautiful Contest," and side two is called "The Stomach That Walks Like A Boy."

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

DAWN TREADER - "Fill My Heart" (1977)

Here's a real exclusive I doubt you're going to find anywhere else, a very cool 1977 single release by Rich Horton and a band he was in called Dawn Treader. 
Rich had been in numerous bands before this, but this 45 was his first recording.
The band was named after the boat in the book "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" in the children's Chronicles of Narnia book series by CS Lewis.

Rich himself calls the music Jesus Rock, and the harmonies are indeed heavenly!

The members of Dawn Treader were Rich Horton aka Rich Arithmetic on lead guitar and vocals, and his pals Jeb Bolan and Bill Beahm playing guitars and singing harmonies.
These two songs were recorded 'live' in concert at Wichita State University.

This is what I call joyous music, and it doesn't matter whether you are religious or not, the sincere belief these guys shared is very obvious.

Rich still has a few of these 45's left, and if you'd like to purchase one, you can contact him at
If you want to know more about Rich and all his projects, then head on over to his website!!

Sometimes if Bill didn't show up, Rich and Jeb would perform as a duo.

Despite doing religious music, they also liked to inject a lot of offbeat humor in between songs that was inspired by The Firesign Theatre and Martin Mull.