Friday, June 28, 2019

PILOT LIGHT - "Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk" (2000)

 By 2000, Guzanos were pretty much toast, but my nephew Bret Mallard who was a drummer since birth, and his buddies Ryan, James, and JP were in a local punk band called Pilot Light! 

 These kids weren't really into the whole networking thing, preferring to go old school playing 'live' gigs wherever they could find them, and spread the word that way!
Unfortunately, the only thing we've ever played together was golf!

This D.I.Y. CD was called "Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk,"and was chock full of music like this!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

STEGOR - "Moon Wheel" (1997)

Straight out of Lakeville, Minnesota, Greg Mathieson is a very talented musician and artist! He was formerly a member of both Bat Lenny and Limpid Green. He created this solo project CD as STEGOR in 1997 called "Moon Wheel," and is responsible for 98.6% of the instrumentation on it!

Greg is also a truly amazing artist and to prove it, here's a sample of some of his artwork, a very cool painting he did of his Father with his Uncles and Grandma!

Friday, June 21, 2019

RBS - "Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed" (1988)

Straight out of South Dakota, RBS was the work of one Russ Stedman!

This tape was titled "Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed" (or "Someday... I'll Be Made Of Rubber. Part II) and was released in 1988.

All the credits for everything go to Russ, except "Hey You" by The Guilloteens and "Four It" by Various Worthless Arena Rock Bands!


Monday, June 17, 2019

TOM BURRIS - "Boxes" (1987)

I was always happy whenever I got a tape in the mail from Tom Burris! That's just how his music affected you! IF an early Bob Dylan had The Velvet Underground instead of The Band backing him  up, that's what "Boxes" sounds like to me!

According to my notes, I sent Tom our first tape right before Christmas in 1987. It was either "Boxes" or "Bombarded With Flowers" he sent me in return! It doesn't really matter! Everything he sent me was always fun to listen to! Hear for yourself!!
TOM BURRIS - "Sun Don't Shine"

Most of the songs on this tape have vocals, but here's a bonus instrumental just because I like it a lot!

Friday, June 14, 2019

THOSE BEASLEYS - "Nobody Knows I'm On LSD" (1999)

After Guzanos disintegrated, my best pal Gary Wray joined up with our buddy Tom Ferranti (whose Dad was a Las Vegas comedian, which explains a lot) and another krazy genius named Mike Meadows, and formed a band called Those Beasleys that was pretty damn good! Their common core was that they were all artistes and public access TV producers! Gary and Tom also both worked at art stores!

 Unlike Guzanos, Those Beasley were an actual working band!

 Those Beasleys big claim to fame was getting unplugged in a club owned by a guy in The Standells for being too loud and obnoxious!

 Those Beasleys might just be one of the most underrated bands of all time!
With the help of the late Dane Nelsen on the drums, they were giving the world something no one was ready for, because they just didn't give a damn! They were just driven to do it!
THOSE BEASLEYS - "Mr. Beasley's Hopeless Art Club Band"

If it just so happens that wasn't enuf for you, then you can find a whole lot more free goodies on Those Beasleys' Band camp page!

Monday, June 10, 2019

HIT THE ROAD CAT - "Red Neon Tapes Various Artists Compilation" (1990)

Red Neon Tapes was the brain child of Patrick Parent from Bruxelles, Belgium.
"Hit The Road Cat" was an interesting concept tape featuring various artists from all over the world making songs about......

 This tape also had unique packaging  that was kind of like a small plastic book cover that opened up and had a pocket inside with these other sheets of paper with the song lists etc. 

 As you  can see, there were a wide variety of contributions! Here's the first and third songs from side one for your amusement!


Thursday, June 6, 2019

HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "Would You Believe? There's A Happening!" (1986)

 Well, this is what it says right in the Pumf Records Mail Order Catalogue about this Howl In The Typewriter release,
"Another audience-testing performance, this time from 1986 - live dementia, love and peace, the Night of the Summer of Love (etc)."

"Features an improvised piece during which audience members were invited onto the stage to play; at one point there were seventeen people on stage, mainly playing electric guitars."

 "Also includes a segment from another live performance, during which all the equipment was packed away piece by piece, leaving the backing tape to finish the gig on its own."

 So when I was first introduced to the music and projects of pStan Batcow a few months ago, I thought it was interesting that we had never crossed tracks before, and then when I was rummaging through a bunch of old correspondence looking for more material for this blog, I found this small wad of paper ads stapled together that proved otherwise!

Bigger than anything, if I had just been paying attention, we might have been trading tapes 30 years ago, but I wasn't, and we didn't!

The truth of the matter is, this was never really a very good form of advertising for me.

And that's because I would get so many of these little pieces of paper included with almost every package I got, especially the ones from artistes in Europe, that unfortunately I became kind of blind to them, but now we have the internet, and it's a completely different world!
Go There!!