Thursday, January 31, 2019

THE DIRK HARTUNG COMBO - "Drained Wait" (1988)

I became pretty good friends with Guido Erfen of the SHM label in Germany, and The Dirk Hartung Combo was a SHM tape that I was going to try and help him distribute in the United States, but because of numerous factors including a lack of funds, I never did have a chance to be much help, although I did send out a few review copies to magazines like Option, Gajoob, and Factsheet 5. 
The Dirk Hartung Combo consisted of Dirk Hartung on tenor sax and piano at once, horn, and zither. Guido Erfen played the organ, and Michael Springer played the drums! Side two had three songs, but side one was just the title song!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

WHEN BEAUTY TREMBLES - Various Artists Compilation (1989)

"When Beauty Trembles" was another one of many various artists compilation cassettes put out by Mike Tetrault on his Epitapes label out of Sunderland, Ma.

  Hermanos Guzanos also had a couple of tunes on this tape along with a whole slew of other people like The Horse Falls, Nihil, Deva, Darren Copeland, The Exhumation, Ken Klinger, MT, Merzdow Shek, Andrew Orford, Randy Greif, Andrzej Dudek-Durer, Ken Clinger, Larry Ruhl, Cancel, Brain Ink, and our featured artist,who unlike most of the music on this tape make pretty cool pop music! From Italy, here's

Monday, January 21, 2019

BIG JED - "She's The Devil" (1989)

Big Jed was not the most politically correct guy in the world, but the more you listen to the songs, the more you realize how right he just might have been! The incredible talent of  Todd is gone, but his music lives on forever!

Friday, January 18, 2019

PUMF RECORDS - pStan Batcow (2019)

I made a new friend from 50 years ago I never met before last week. Yeah, I really do have a time machine! Eat your heart out! His name is pStan Batcow, and he's been independently working out of England since the 80's in various incarnations! Not only is pStan a cool musician, he's also an amazing artist, and oddly enough, an all around nice guy!
Right about HERE you can learn more about all of pStan's activities!

Of course I first heard pStan's music on Lord Litter's radio show on the Internet Archive, a song  called "Digital Sickness" performing as Howl In The Typewriter that really matched up with the way I've been feeling the past year of my life, like the writer had bored into my brain and extracted my thoughts! I told Lord Litter, and he told pStan, and now you get to share a bit of it too! You can listen to that whole radio show right HERE!

 There is so much madness on the Pumf Records site, there is something for everyone I guarantee!
Here's just a sample off of one of the releases called "godspunk volume twelve" to give you a taste! pStan is sending me some of his classic 80's stuff, so I shall return with more later!
Spoiler Alert: If you don't like creepy clowns, you might want to stay away!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Volkswhale was a 1989 project by those Krazy Sockeye Guys from Stow, Ohio, Dave and his pals!
 From Akron to D.C. you never knew what to expect from these guys, and this tune is no exception!!

Monday, January 7, 2019

LOVE, CALVIN - "Portrait Of Flesh" (1989)

I got two tapes from Scott Johnson, aka Love, Calvin over the years, the first one was simply titled "Love, Calvin," and you can hear a cool song called "Break Down" from it right here, and the other one from 1989 was titled "Portrait Of Flesh." If I'm not mistaken I read somewhere that Scott had passed away, but from the looks of this Bandcamp page, he's doing okay, so go there and check out his whole catalogue!